Going from one income stream to multiple income streams WITHOUT chaos

For years I’ve bombarded my audience with the virtually self evident rationale supporting the pursuit of “Multiple Income Streams” (MIS).

Stated simply,

Multiple automated income streams = Security
Only one income stream = Risky

If we can all agree on that point, then you’ll likely enjoy the rest of this article.

First I’ll dispel the biggest misconception about building multiple income streams.

FACT: If done correctly, generating multiple income streams online leads to SECURITY & LIBERTY of time & finance – it never feels like CHAOS.

There are numerous examples of success with this concept within our growing online community of online biz builders. Many of these success stories can be found in my $5 “Silent Sales Machine” book.

One important discipline that all “multiple income stream” biz builders have in common is that they control their schedules and commitments. They aren’t controlled by their schedule and they don’t operate in panic mode.

A true “Multiple Income Stream” entrepreneur approaches life with a harmonious blend of flexibility, discipline and creativity.

How do you get there form here if you are currently a one income newbie?

  • Start with a simple system that requires a part-time flexible effort. This is why we like to start our students out by teaching them to sell on Amazon or eBay.
  • As you start to succeed, hire help to do the stuff you shouldn’t be doing (i.e. putting tape on shipping boxes).
  • Create systems that others can take over. Only do what ONLY you can do.
  • Work ON your business not IN your business.
  • Stop being a control freak (aka being the only decision maker in your business).
  • A SMALL success in online business inevitably leads to numerous other opportunities. If your eyes are open (instead of looking down at a tape gun while you ship boxes yourself), you’ll see these opportunities everywhere!

The opportunity that lies ahead if you dare go down this path:

  • True schedule flexibility and financial security free from a “one stream” existence and the stress is causes.
  • Freedom to launch new income streams while keeping an eye on the other streams.
  • Partnership and growth opportunities like you’ve never imagined.
  • You’ll OWN your businesses. They won’t own you.
  • Imagine having a TEAM serving and delighting your customers instead of being a one man show!

What do you do all day once you have multiple streams?

  • Focus on the big three: Creativity, Leadership and Relationships – everything else can be done by others.
  • Looks for RIGHT ideas – not just “good” ideas, but RIGHT ideas.
  • Fill in where needed – tape boxes if the box taper is sick!
  • Find the weaknesses in your system and fix them.
  • Make mistakes and grow.

Let’s chat about it!

Here’s a Facebook discussion on this topic:

Or post a comment right here on my blog.

Stop the flood of ideas in order to build profitable systems online

Good ideas are the enemy of the RIGHT ideas.  I’m a big fan of focusing only on RIGHT ideas while aggressively protecting myself from the constant flood of bad, average, and yes, even the “good” ideas that bombard us all.

Have you noticed how few products we promote to my audience?  I’ve actively removed myself from so many “guru” mailing lists because it seems like they have one big $4,000 launch after another with the latest “must have” product/course/concept etc. Listening to all of that “noise” is a recipe for disaster.

Around here, my team and I have committed to doing things differently. We’ve been teaching the same three biz models for years and we keep on learning, growing and improving those three and those three only.

On top of that, we ONLY share the stuff that my team and I are actively USING and SUCCEEDING with. We don’t toss out ideas just to see what will stick -we share what we KNOW works because we are using itThere’s a science behind the system we’ve built and over 50 people are involved in filtering out all the “junk ideas”, “hyped up courses” and even all the “good ideas” that just don’t meet our standards. We do this to better serve you, and to ensure our top notch reputation stays right where it is.

If you are interested in the details of the system we use I’ll spell it out here.No one else in the industry takes the concept of “filtering” ideas as seriously as we do (just ask anyone who has tried to get our attention with a new idea!) and some will find this process interesting.Before I reveal the process we use, please know that the one reason we do this is simple – I’m looking out for YOUR best interest as a serious online business builder. I’m protecting the trust you’ve put in me.  In every possible way my team and I protect your time and attention, while strengthening our reputation in an otherwise unstable industry.

You could probably guess that, because of our large and loyal audience (that’s you), my team and I are literally bombarded with offers, tools, courses, books and ideas from great people with great intentions in most cases, but you’ll never see or hear about even 5% of what comes our way from these “attention seekers”.  The number of “big launches” and “shiny objects” in this industry can make you dizzy just to consider – so we have a strategy to EARN and KEEP your trust.  I suggest you apply our “filtering” process to your own life to help weed out some of the noise.

Before an idea gets to my desk it must pass an initial “sniff” test.

The “sniff” test includes questions like this:
  • Is this one of the typical scams we’ve seen a thousand times?
  • Is the author/creator an established expert with a traceable credible reputation?
  • Is this a distraction or a true long term opportunity for my audience and for my business?
  • Does the business/tool/concept fit our CES model?
If it passes the “sniff” test, then the challenge goes to another level.
I request full access for my team and I (over 50 people are on this team) and several of us do a full review of the product/course/tool.
  • Does it perform as promised?
  • Are there any red flags?
  • Any legal, ethical, practical reasons not to proceed?
  • Are there fans/testimonials and proof that this idea works?
  • Can the strategy or tool be used by many and maintain its effectiveness?
  • NOTE: At this stage everyone on my team has a veto flag if they want to throw it
Next, the idea hits my desk for serious consideration.
  • I personally try it, use it, test it and talk to the person behind the tool/idea/course.
  • Is this something I know can grow my business? If so, I use it! If it doesn’t work incredibly well for me or one of my closest partners, you’ll never hear about it.
I know for a fact that there are many experts and “gurus” in this business that have a far simpler system they use for determining what they will promote. A simple system might look something like this:
  • Does the course/tool/product have a high affiliate payout?
  • Will my audience “buy” it? (aka is the marketing “slick”)
  • If the answer is “yes” to either of those two questions, they jump in every time.
I refuse to treat my audience like fools. I want an audience of leaders and business builders…and that’s exactly what we have!I’d love your feedback here or on Facebook using this link

Giving away free product in exchange for reviews on Amazon

Here’s a creative idea for launching a new or little known product on Amazon. Simply give your product away, or discount it, and then request reviews from those who benefited from your temporary promotion! Sounds simple right?

Not so fast.

Before I give you my words of caution, first I have some very good news. Clearly, according to Amazon’s own rules you ARE allowed to give away free or reduced price products and then request an amazon review in return. When done correctly, this is a brilliant strategy that can turn a relatively unknown product on Amazon.com into one that has the appearance of being “popular”.  That can be good for future sales, and this strategy is being used successfully by many Amazon sellers right now, but…

…most Amazon selling experts would urge caution (including me) when using this strategy. For those considering attempting this strategy, I’ve compiled the good, the bad and some resources for you to hep make a good decision and navigate the process without getting burned.


  • A bunch of reviews gets your product a lot of attention and better ranking
  • It also helps the product have more credibility
  • future shoppers are far more likely to purchase a highly reviewed product at full price


  • If you tell your “freebie seeking” promotion participants that they can only give you a “good review”, or if you refund them after their discounted purchase, or if you manipulate the system in any way that Amazon doesn’t like, you could put your account at risk.
  • If you use a third party service to help you do the promotion it could mean that a lot of other sellers will see what you are selling – and could potentially copy your efforts if they so choose (this is always a risk selling ANYTHING online though)
  • Other sellers have their doubts about using services like this, and we’ve got a great discussion going on this topic on Facebook (link below)


  • Where will your freebie seekers come from? Do you have a list? If not, we’ve partnered with a reputable service that can help. GreatDealsForHonestReviews.com is our domain name that redirects to the service we currently endorse. If that endorsement ever changes, we’ll point our domain name somewhere else.
  • How can you limit “freebie seekers” from wiping out your inventory?
  • You’ll want to limit the number of “freebies” your customers can get. Use a “promotion code” to control this. Log in to Seller Central and use this link to get all the details on promotions: Amazon Seller Central. Visit “Great Deals For Honest Reviews” to get details on our partner service that can help you navigate these details.

    A good open discussion on this topic is happening in our Facebook group. Come see what other sellers and experts are saying. Facebook discussion

    Amazon’s guidelines in their own words (read all of this before attempting to pursue reviews for free or discounted product): Amazon Guidelines

    When you are ready to do a promotion, our currently endorsed provider of such services for sellers is here: GreatDealsForHonestReviews.com

    Did I leave anything out? Have questions? Feel free to leave a comment, or join the Facebook discussion using the link above.

One secret to growing an audience that loves and trusts you

Our total online audience is in the hundreds of thousands and growing rapidly.  I’ve had several high profile industry colleagues make the observation that they’ve never seen such fierce long term loyalty in any online business audience like we have in ours.

Our Facebook group launched and quickly passed the 10,000 member mark while still adding dozens of new members daily.  Clearly we are on to something.

We get daily email and emotional posts in our forums and on Facebook from people thanking us and our community for helping them out in some way with their online business.  We have stacks and stacks of such letters and we dearly value each one of them.  When we held our last live event, tickets went up for sale and sold out the same day because the people in our community can’t wait to hang out together again.

How did we get here?

There are several common sense answers to that question – things like working hard, serving your audience, earning trust every day, only promoting stuff that really works, being generous to a fault, over delivering, acting with integrity, being in it for the long haul, slow and steady growth etc.  Those concepts should all make sense instinctively to all of us with ANY ambitions in business.

But here’s a “not so obvious” detail that has played a huge role in our success.

I’ve observed that very few online leaders pay proper attention to this “secret” factor – but it’s been key in my growth and success. It comes from a Biblical lesson found in Proverbs 15:22.  That passage says, “Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success.”

You may not realize it, but for the last few years I’ve had an “advisory board” that I’ve granted virtual “veto power” over all of my projects, promotions, content and biz decisions.   The people on this “board” also come up with great ideas and partner with me on numerous projects.

In other words, my business never has been, nor will it ever become “The ‘Jim’ Show”.

You may have noticed that I only occasionally endorse any third party services or tools in my newsletter.  There’s  good reason for this.  It certainly ISN’T because there’s a lack of people TRYING to get the attention of our audience. We are bombarded daily with new books, courses, tools etc. – dozens weekly try to “get on our stage” and they are willing to pay us a lot of money for the privilege!  Before I’ll even consider endorsing a new course or tool to my audience though I insist that my review team go through it, review it, try to break it, test it out etc.

Most of what we test out and review just isn’t good enough and it gets VETOED by my team before I even see it.

That’s just one example of how I take a team approach to leadership. Ultimately, the responsibility falls on me to make great decisions on behalf of our audience, but I have plenty of sharp advisors who help me make solid choices.

In case you are wondering where these great advisors come from – they are the handpicked “best of the best” students who took our courses, read my books, and then did great things online with what they had learned. That’s the “litmus” test for access into leadership around here.  If you succeed using one or more of our courses AND you also have a caring attitude toward helping others succeed, then you are a good potential candidate for leadership around here.  Right now we have about 70 people total supporting or leading in some way in our community to varying degrees.

To wrap things up – the “big hidden secret” to leading well online is to NOT put your own opinions and ideas ahead of the best interests of your audience ever. The best way I’ve found to make sure I avoid that mistake is to give several trusted leaders in my audience VETO power over new ideas, projects, products or partnership I’m considering. I also encourage them to float me great ideas (and reward them handsomely for the winning ideas).

“Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success.”

A multiple income stream answer to, “What do you do for a living?”

“So, what do you do for a living?”

How do you answer that question?

As an online “Multiple income stream” entrepreneur, here’s how I answer that question (in general):

I know how to make things happen online. I can generate leads, grow an audience for an idea or a product, or even liquidate inventory for top dollar. I also teach other people how to do those things for their businesses.

Answering in such a way has opened up new opportunities for me consistently in each of my three primary online businesses for years.

Or, if I want to keep it simple I’ll simply say, I’m “an internet business author”. Sometimes it’s best to keep it short and send new contacts one of my books if they are interested in more info.

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 1.04.09 PM

An approximate breakdown of my personal multiple income sources

I have been teaching these three biz models since 2000, and I’ve been running these models myself longer than that. To my knowledge I’m the only one who has a business that teaches these three models and also runs businesses that does all three of them actively. The “CES” approach as we call it, is the secret behind the success of so many of our students, partners and my own biz.

A word of caution: Don’t attempt to launch multiple businesses at the same time.  Build up one at a time with hard work and commitment, but once you have a working system don’t get “stuck” in a repetitive mode that relies on your daily efforts to keep the system running. Instead, use some of your profits to delegate, hire, outsource and automate the systems you build.  We live in an unprecedented age where finding good help and building smooth running systems has never been easier.

I suggest you start where most of our students start- with the “S” model (explained below).

Some of my eBay/Amazon sourcing/selling crew.  The crew includes my mom and my two oldest boys.

Some of my eBay/Amazon sourcing/selling crew. The crew includes my mom and my two oldest boys.

Here are the three models:
: Consult (teach others what works online). You know more than you think! (We teach you how to ramp this at OfflineBiz.com, or in our free Facebook forum here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/offlinebiz/ )
E: Expand (grow your audience – build a tribe). This leads to affiliate marketing, your own books,  products, courses, followers etc. and done right a steady stream of new clients (see “C” above)
S: MOST START HERE!  Sell stuff (eBay, Amazon, your own website etc.) This is a great place to start. It’s a biz model that seems like too much work to many people, but it is the starting point for numerous success stories including my own. It scares off the lazy and leaves plenty of room for those of us willing to do a bit of work building a highly profitable online business.  We’ve helped thousands of people build businesses with this model.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.52.44 AM

An actual note I got in the mail a couple of weeks ago. This is a local business guy who was sending me an invoice, but it looks like he could be my next “OfflineBiz” consulting client.

A note about the “S” model.  Right now Amazon is a HUGE opportunity. We have hundreds of students doing incredible well, but I tell them all the time – it’s risky to plan on staying right here long term. There should be more in your 5 year plan than just Amazon.  Just ask the thousands of eBay sellers who have now been forced to move on to something else after building what they thought was an empire. With that word of caution though, our ProvenAmazonCourse.com course has helped launch countless successful Amazon entrepreneurs. Recently we also introduced ProvenPrivateLabel.com as well for those wanting to launch their own brand online.

So where do you start if you want the sort of job description I have, or if you are interested in any one of the three biz models above?  I wrote a book about it over 10 years ago – and I’ve updated that book 8 times since. It’s my book titled “Silent Sales Machine” – you can grab it on Amazon here for $5. We’ve now built an incredible community and leadership team around the concepts in this book. Join our free community on Facebook to see for yourself: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mysilentteam/

Here’s a recent screen shot of my email inbox (unedited except to protect privacy). You’ll see income for the “E” and “S” biz segments shown here. The “C” income comes in larger checks from clients.Multiple Income Streams -JimCockrum.com

Originally written in 2013, updated for Dec 2014.

Learning to sell on Amazon shouldn’t be a huge investment!

updated from a recent article:

Recently there have been a lot of courses launching claiming to teach success selling on Amazon. Some of these courses are getting the mega-launch treatment attracting multiple “big hitter” affiliates seeking the fat commissions on the very high priced courses.

What makes this disappointing is that many of these “experts” who are  promoting these courses have no qualifications at all to talk about setting up a legitimate business selling physical goods online.

If you want to spend thousands lining the pockets of experts who are only excited about their fat affiliate commissions,  while learning the same things that we teach around here in superior courses that cost 1/10th the price tag –  that’s fine, but after you read this at least you’ll know the truth.

In this blog post I’ll make a simple case as to why you should consider an alternative to the “big launches” and stick with the long time proven courses with long term established communities instead.

Consider the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course in this case if you are ready to learn how to sell on Amazon.  Ready to jump into Private Labeling?  Check out ProvenPrivateLabel.com (you can get both courses at an insane discount at ProvenPrivateLabel.com)

Or, don’t buy ANY course and just get going with one basic idea than anyone can use (one of multiple strategies we teach) – here’s an 8 minute video I made that’s getting great feedback so far. It shows you how to get started selling on Amazon at virtually no expense at all:

Make no mistake, there are some great courses, books and sites out there besides the Proven Amazon Course, and I won’t say anything specifically negative about my competition because I welcome all sources of creative content, but here are some factors that I think really set our Amazon training team apart from all other options out there:
  • For over a decade my team and I have been teaching everyone from newbies to our highest end clients how to sell physical products online. The PAC course has generated hundreds of incredible testimonials in the last 5 years, and the BEST students become our expert trainers.
  • We are always improving our courses. For example, we’ve just partnered with a world’s foremost expert on the topic of Private Label rights and he’s creating all original content for our students. He’s easily the most qualified expert in the arena of Private Label that I’ve ever encountered – he’s had huge success for years with it. If you were under the impression that selling private label is some sort of new discovery, it’s not. It’s also not the best place to start out on Amazon for the vast majority of people who are just getting started because it takes a LOT of work before you see results.  We aren’t hyping it the way you’ll see others hyping private label.
  • We don’t insult and hound our students with upsells (be ready for this if you buy most online courses in this niche). I don’t do upsells. We sell the course ONCE and students get all future updates automatically. No surprises.  Ask anyone who purchased the Proven Amazon Course five years ago how much the course has been updated, improved, expanded etc. They’ve not paid an additional dime since then for the new ideas.
  • We teach multiple product sourcing and selling strategies (most competing courses teach only one). We have a wide variety of successful students -  everyone from those who’ve built a virtually hands free operation & never leave home while selling into numerous countries, to those who love shopping retail for a living and finding great deals in their spare time (while making a great profit). Our success stories are quite diverse.
  • We offer hand holding coaching for those who want it. You can work one-on-one with one of our successful students if you want to ramp up quickly. Our coaches are ALL successful students who we pay well to assist newbies.
  • Our community is VERY international. This is a global opportunity. One of our most successful students literally lives on a beach on a toy island!  Where you live has nothing to do with your odds of success.
  • Our support team is the largest, most well trained and most experienced among all other “how to sell on Amazon” courses available. We have nearly 35 people who are in a paid position of support for the PAC as at least part of their responsibility while they build their own successful businesses as well.
  • Our community consists of over 8,000 serious online entrepreneurs many of whom are very successfully working any number of strategies in the Amazon niche (with no sign of saturation whatsoever because hundreds of millions of people are shopping right now on Amazon!)
  • While our courses are worth thousands, we are charging under $250 for them until 2015 – or get both for under $400.
Once you purchase, join our active community and you’ll be surrounded by those DOING this business who are proud to be a part of our community. Some of our customers have been around for 12 years or longer doing this stuff – these are the people you want to hang out with if you are serious.

Want to sell millions? Start breaking “the rules”

Here’s the exact “no rules followed” plan I’ve used to sell millions online:

  • Have a story to tell, and write a book about it – but sell it super cheap (practically give it away).
  • REWRITE and update the entire thing every 18 months or so to keep it current.
  • Each time you rewrite it, send it out FREE to all of your past buyers.
  • Grow your email list and truly SERVE subscribers with great content while undercharging for everything you sell.
  • Leave EVERY customer far better off than you found them – even when they don’t deserve it and they ask for a refund.
That simple business plan is the entire foundation of everything I’ve accomplished online in the past 12+ years.  We’ll easily go over $2 million in total sales volume this year, and the entire foundation is right in front of you in a few bullet points.  Can you use this plan? Maybe, and maybe not. It’s my “no rules” plan. You might have to use your own plan.

When I first wrote my book “Silent Sales Machine” several years ago, I never could have imagined that I’d be updating it eight times over the coming 12+ years.  I could have asked 50 different marketing experts if that was a good biz plan, and they all would have told me probably not.  I’m so glad I didn’t consult the “experts” and go with the established “rules” of how to build and market a business.
Some lessons I’ve learned along the way:
  • Email marketing still works VERY well when done right
  • Giving away great content for next to nothing and then taking care of the audience REALLY pays off
  • Small successes can be leveraged into great successes if you share the story
  • Your best story is NOT about you. Make sure your customers become the hero of your story. It’s NOT about YOU.
  • Growing a loyal community is more valuable, rewarding and sustainable than is launching products
  • Slow and steady not only wins the race, it kicks haste in the butt in a big way
  • Big ego = pride = a fall pending very soon.  Run away from those leaders who are ego centric – they are close to falling

Now go break some rules!

Multiple income streams without chaos

You’ve heard me talk about multiple income streams a lot.

I have numerous income streams myself, and I’m proud to have successfully taught many others this approach to life. It’s not a “business” style – it’s a “lifestyle”.

The MIS theme is in virtually everything I teach.  In the “Silent Sales Machine” book I hit on it heavily.  I’m pretty sure my team and I have taught more people how to achieve this relaxed lifestyle of multi-source income than anyone else anywhere. When contrasted with the alternatives of trading dollars for time (a job), or having only one source of income, I think you’ll have to agree, there’s no comparison in regards to the security and flexibility you can achieve for you and your family if you go the MIS route.

A common question:
Isn’t it difficult juggling all those income streams?

The first image that many people have when they consider the thought of multiple income streams is a picture of confusion or chaos as they try to do 20 things at once. That’s NOT what having multiple income streams feels like or looks like. If you allow ANY chaos, you’ll actually never get there.  If it ever feels like juggling, you aren’t doing it right.

Multiple income streams feels like LIBERTY not JUGGLING.

EVERY student of mine who has achieved MIS has the following in common:

  • they enjoy the most FLEXIBLE & FINANCIALLY SECURE lifestyle of anyone else I know
  • they have an abundance mentality, not a scarcity mentality
  • they love sharing what they know with those willing to listen and learn
  • they build ONE STREAM at a time with intense focus, and then automate it

They can do all this because they have the following approach:

  • they know how to spot complimentary opportunities and pursue them
  • they have a core competency, and they pursue that heavily at all times
  • they aren’t afraid to invest in great Internet education from trusted leaders
  • they understand the importance of mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships
  • they understand building SYSTEMS instead of building JOBS for themselves

If you are still struggling to establish your first source of online income and all of this seems out of reach right now, that’s OK. More than likely it’s a mindset issues and you’ve probably been chasing too many “shiny objects” hoping for a big break.

I’m here to tell you that your “big break” will come disguised as a bit of focused effort (aka work) on a proven system.

We have multiple business models that can easily become your first stream.  Check out the “Silent Sales Machine” book on Amazon.com (it’s only $5), or visit SilentSalesMachine.com and get it there. That simple book has been the launching point for countless Internet success stories. Last week we gave away over 8,000 copies of that book and determined students all over the world are putting it to use for the first time.

There’s never been a better time in the history of mankind to be a business builder. Multiple income streams has never been easier. Join us.

Have a question about building multiple income streams?
Ask any question here using the comment button, or join the free MySilentTeam.com Facebook group and join the discussion there. That link will take you right to the discussion we’re having now about all of this.

You are not meant to be alone…



CES II DALLAS - #ces2dallas

See dozens more pics of CES Dallas by joining the “MySilentTeam.com” Facebook group (see link in blog post for details)

Wow – I’m still recovering from the week long adventure that was CES Dallas.  The core of the event was three intense days of incredible content, but for my family and I it was a 7 day adventure.

We spent time with some of the most successful, giving, friendly, powerful leaders, students, authors and experts in the world of Internet business.

This video explains it all, or read the quick summary below.

By any standard imaginable, the live event in Dallas last weekend was a raging success. You can see the hundreds of pictures, comments and discussions on Facebook and twitter by searching for the event hashtag “#ces2dallas”.

Here’s a link to the facbook group where 95% of all attendees hang out - if you aren’t a free member there yet, please join us (once you are in, search for the event hashtag #ces2dallas):  Click To Join th MySilentTeam.com Facebook Group

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 10.42.08 AM

I’m not alone! My crew and I travel as a pack and I’m so blessed to have them with me on trips like this! Andrea presented as well at the event in a break out session discussing family issues associated with being an “at home” entrepreneurial family/spouse.

I won’t even try to communicate in an email the mind blowing impact that the “CES Dallas” event had and will continue to have on every attendee, and probably the entire Internet biz community. I can’t help but feel we are raising the standard of what an Internet biz conference should look like.

In his opening comments, our keynote speaker Rabbi Daniel Lapin had us on the edge of our seats for two hours…and one of the biggest take aways for most people was the fact that in life as in business and in all other arenas, we are NOT meant to be alone. Solitude is poison, and as Internet entrepreneurs we have to resist the urge to “hide” and try to “go it alone”.

There’s something powerful about face-to-face meetings like CES. Because the core of our audience is made up of such passionate, caring, giving people, the atmosphere was alive and quite emotional at times in Dallas. It’s hard to explain, but from the pics and comments posted online you’ll get a feel for the impact of this event. Use the link above, and check it out if you haven’t yet.

So far 100% of the anonymous surveys we’ve gotten back from attendees have said they plan to come back next time!

If you have a couple minutes, check out that video above – in it I show you:

1. A brief wrap up of the event
2. How to stay a part of it all for free on Facebook, or take a more serious step and join my team and I in the launch of…
3. CESclassroom.com


…and finally, allow me a quick shout out to our incredible sponsors who helped make the event possible and added so much value to the event:


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