A multiple income stream answer to, “What do you do for a living?”

“So, what do you do for a living?”

How do you answer that question?

As an online “Multiple income stream” entrepreneur, here’s how I answer that question (in general):

I know how to make things happen online. I can generate leads, grow an audience for an idea or a product, or even liquidate inventory for top dollar. I also teach other people how to do those things for their businesses.

Answering in such a way has opened up new opportunities for me consistently in each of my three primary online businesses for years.

Or, if I want to keep it simple I’ll simply say, I’m “an internet business author”. Sometimes it’s best to keep it short and send new contacts one of my books if they are interested in more info.

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 1.04.09 PM

An approximate breakdown of my personal multiple income sources

I have been teaching these three biz models since 2000, and I’ve been running these models myself longer than that. To my knowledge I’m the only one who has a business that teaches these three models and also runs businesses that does all three of them actively. The “CES” approach as we call it, is the secret behind the success of so many of our students, partners and my own biz.

A word of caution: Don’t attempt to launch multiple businesses at the same time.  Build up one at a time with hard work and commitment, but once you have a working system don’t get “stuck” in a repetitive mode that relies on your daily efforts to keep the system running. Instead, use some of your profits to delegate, hire, outsource and automate the systems you build.  We live in an unprecedented age where finding good help and building smooth running systems has never been easier.

I suggest you start where most of our students start- with the “S” model (explained below).

Some of my eBay/Amazon sourcing/selling crew.  The crew includes my mom and my two oldest boys.

Some of my eBay/Amazon sourcing/selling crew. The crew includes my mom and my two oldest boys.

Here are the three models:
: Consult (teach others what works online). You know more than you think! (We teach you how to ramp this at OfflineBiz.com, or in our free Facebook forum here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/offlinebiz/ )
E: Expand (grow your audience – build a tribe). This leads to affiliate marketing, your own books,  products, courses, followers etc. and done right a steady stream of new clients (see “C” above)
S: MOST START HERE!  Sell stuff (eBay, Amazon, your own website etc.) This is a great place to start. It’s a biz model that seems like too much work to many people, but it is the starting point for numerous success stories including my own. It scares off the lazy and leaves plenty of room for those of us willing to do a bit of work building a highly profitable online business.  We’ve helped thousands of people build businesses with this model.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.52.44 AM

An actual note I got in the mail a couple of weeks ago. This is a local business guy who was sending me an invoice, but it looks like he could be my next “OfflineBiz” consulting client.

A note about the “S” model.  Right now Amazon is a HUGE opportunity. We have hundreds of students doing incredible well, but I tell them all the time – it’s risky to plan on staying right here long term. There should be more in your 5 year plan than just Amazon.  Just ask the thousands of eBay sellers who have now been forced to move on to something else after building what they thought was an empire. With that word of caution though, our ProvenAmazonCourse.com course has helped launch countless successful Amazon entrepreneurs. Recently we also introduced ProvenPrivateLabel.com as well for those wanting to launch their own brand online.

So where do you start if you want the sort of job description I have, or if you are interested in any one of the three biz models above?  I wrote a book about it over 10 years ago – and I’ve updated that book 8 times since. It’s my book titled “Silent Sales Machine” – you can grab it on Amazon here for $5. We’ve now built an incredible community and leadership team around the concepts in this book. Join our free community on Facebook to see for yourself: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mysilentteam/

Here’s a recent screen shot of my email inbox (unedited except to protect privacy). You’ll see income for the “E” and “S” biz segments shown here. The “C” income comes in larger checks from clients.Multiple Income Streams -JimCockrum.com

Originally written in 2013, updated for Dec 2014.

Learning to sell on Amazon shouldn’t be a huge investment!

updated from a recent article:

Recently there have been a lot of courses launching claiming to teach success selling on Amazon. Some of these courses are getting the mega-launch treatment attracting multiple “big hitter” affiliates seeking the fat commissions on the very high priced courses.

What makes this disappointing is that many of these “experts” who are  promoting these courses have no qualifications at all to talk about setting up a legitimate business selling physical goods online.

If you want to spend thousands lining the pockets of experts who are only excited about their fat affiliate commissions,  while learning the same things that we teach around here in superior courses that cost 1/10th the price tag –  that’s fine, but after you read this at least you’ll know the truth.

In this blog post I’ll make a simple case as to why you should consider an alternative to the “big launches” and stick with the long time proven courses with long term established communities instead.

Consider the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course in this case if you are ready to learn how to sell on Amazon.  Ready to jump into Private Labeling?  Check out ProvenPrivateLabel.com (you can get both courses at an insane discount at ProvenPrivateLabel.com)

Or, don’t buy ANY course and just get going with one basic idea than anyone can use (one of multiple strategies we teach) – here’s an 8 minute video I made that’s getting great feedback so far. It shows you how to get started selling on Amazon at virtually no expense at all:

Make no mistake, there are some great courses, books and sites out there besides the Proven Amazon Course, and I won’t say anything specifically negative about my competition because I welcome all sources of creative content, but here are some factors that I think really set our Amazon training team apart from all other options out there:
  • For over a decade my team and I have been teaching everyone from newbies to our highest end clients how to sell physical products online. The PAC course has generated hundreds of incredible testimonials in the last 5 years, and the BEST students become our expert trainers.
  • We are always improving our courses. For example, we’ve just partnered with a world’s foremost expert on the topic of Private Label rights and he’s creating all original content for our students. He’s easily the most qualified expert in the arena of Private Label that I’ve ever encountered – he’s had huge success for years with it. If you were under the impression that selling private label is some sort of new discovery, it’s not. It’s also not the best place to start out on Amazon for the vast majority of people who are just getting started because it takes a LOT of work before you see results.  We aren’t hyping it the way you’ll see others hyping private label.
  • We don’t insult and hound our students with upsells (be ready for this if you buy most online courses in this niche). I don’t do upsells. We sell the course ONCE and students get all future updates automatically. No surprises.  Ask anyone who purchased the Proven Amazon Course five years ago how much the course has been updated, improved, expanded etc. They’ve not paid an additional dime since then for the new ideas.
  • We teach multiple product sourcing and selling strategies (most competing courses teach only one). We have a wide variety of successful students -  everyone from those who’ve built a virtually hands free operation & never leave home while selling into numerous countries, to those who love shopping retail for a living and finding great deals in their spare time (while making a great profit). Our success stories are quite diverse.
  • We offer hand holding coaching for those who want it. You can work one-on-one with one of our successful students if you want to ramp up quickly. Our coaches are ALL successful students who we pay well to assist newbies.
  • Our community is VERY international. This is a global opportunity. One of our most successful students literally lives on a beach on a toy island!  Where you live has nothing to do with your odds of success.
  • Our support team is the largest, most well trained and most experienced among all other “how to sell on Amazon” courses available. We have nearly 35 people who are in a paid position of support for the PAC as at least part of their responsibility while they build their own successful businesses as well.
  • Our community consists of over 8,000 serious online entrepreneurs many of whom are very successfully working any number of strategies in the Amazon niche (with no sign of saturation whatsoever because hundreds of millions of people are shopping right now on Amazon!)
  • While our courses are worth thousands, we are charging under $250 for them until 2015 – or get both for under $400.
Once you purchase, join our active community and you’ll be surrounded by those DOING this business who are proud to be a part of our community. Some of our customers have been around for 12 years or longer doing this stuff – these are the people you want to hang out with if you are serious.

Want to sell millions? Start breaking “the rules”

Here’s the exact “no rules followed” plan I’ve used to sell millions online:

  • Have a story to tell, and write a book about it – but sell it super cheap (practically give it away).
  • REWRITE and update the entire thing every 18 months or so to keep it current.
  • Each time you rewrite it, send it out FREE to all of your past buyers.
  • Grow your email list and truly SERVE subscribers with great content while undercharging for everything you sell.
  • Leave EVERY customer far better off than you found them – even when they don’t deserve it and they ask for a refund.
That simple business plan is the entire foundation of everything I’ve accomplished online in the past 12+ years.  We’ll easily go over $2 million in total sales volume this year, and the entire foundation is right in front of you in a few bullet points.  Can you use this plan? Maybe, and maybe not. It’s my “no rules” plan. You might have to use your own plan.

When I first wrote my book “Silent Sales Machine” several years ago, I never could have imagined that I’d be updating it eight times over the coming 12+ years.  I could have asked 50 different marketing experts if that was a good biz plan, and they all would have told me probably not.  I’m so glad I didn’t consult the “experts” and go with the established “rules” of how to build and market a business.
Some lessons I’ve learned along the way:
  • Email marketing still works VERY well when done right
  • Giving away great content for next to nothing and then taking care of the audience REALLY pays off
  • Small successes can be leveraged into great successes if you share the story
  • Your best story is NOT about you. Make sure your customers become the hero of your story. It’s NOT about YOU.
  • Growing a loyal community is more valuable, rewarding and sustainable than is launching products
  • Slow and steady not only wins the race, it kicks haste in the butt in a big way
  • Big ego = pride = a fall pending very soon.  Run away from those leaders who are ego centric – they are close to falling

Now go break some rules!

Multiple income streams without chaos

You’ve heard me talk about multiple income streams a lot.

I have numerous income streams myself, and I’m proud to have successfully taught many others this approach to life. It’s not a “business” style – it’s a “lifestyle”.

The MIS theme is in virtually everything I teach.  In the “Silent Sales Machine” book I hit on it heavily.  I’m pretty sure my team and I have taught more people how to achieve this relaxed lifestyle of multi-source income than anyone else anywhere. When contrasted with the alternatives of trading dollars for time (a job), or having only one source of income, I think you’ll have to agree, there’s no comparison in regards to the security and flexibility you can achieve for you and your family if you go the MIS route.

A common question:
Isn’t it difficult juggling all those income streams?

The first image that many people have when they consider the thought of multiple income streams is a picture of confusion or chaos as they try to do 20 things at once. That’s NOT what having multiple income streams feels like or looks like. If you allow ANY chaos, you’ll actually never get there.  If it ever feels like juggling, you aren’t doing it right.

Multiple income streams feels like LIBERTY not JUGGLING.

EVERY student of mine who has achieved MIS has the following in common:

  • they enjoy the most FLEXIBLE & FINANCIALLY SECURE lifestyle of anyone else I know
  • they have an abundance mentality, not a scarcity mentality
  • they love sharing what they know with those willing to listen and learn
  • they build ONE STREAM at a time with intense focus, and then automate it

They can do all this because they have the following approach:

  • they know how to spot complimentary opportunities and pursue them
  • they have a core competency, and they pursue that heavily at all times
  • they aren’t afraid to invest in great Internet education from trusted leaders
  • they understand the importance of mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships
  • they understand building SYSTEMS instead of building JOBS for themselves

If you are still struggling to establish your first source of online income and all of this seems out of reach right now, that’s OK. More than likely it’s a mindset issues and you’ve probably been chasing too many “shiny objects” hoping for a big break.

I’m here to tell you that your “big break” will come disguised as a bit of focused effort (aka work) on a proven system.

We have multiple business models that can easily become your first stream.  Check out the “Silent Sales Machine” book on Amazon.com (it’s only $5), or visit SilentSalesMachine.com and get it there. That simple book has been the launching point for countless Internet success stories. Last week we gave away over 8,000 copies of that book and determined students all over the world are putting it to use for the first time.

There’s never been a better time in the history of mankind to be a business builder. Multiple income streams has never been easier. Join us.

Have a question about building multiple income streams?
Ask any question here using the comment button, or join the free MySilentTeam.com Facebook group and join the discussion there. That link will take you right to the discussion we’re having now about all of this.

You are not meant to be alone…



CES II DALLAS - #ces2dallas

See dozens more pics of CES Dallas by joining the “MySilentTeam.com” Facebook group (see link in blog post for details)

Wow – I’m still recovering from the week long adventure that was CES Dallas.  The core of the event was three intense days of incredible content, but for my family and I it was a 7 day adventure.

We spent time with some of the most successful, giving, friendly, powerful leaders, students, authors and experts in the world of Internet business.

This video explains it all, or read the quick summary below.

By any standard imaginable, the live event in Dallas last weekend was a raging success. You can see the hundreds of pictures, comments and discussions on Facebook and twitter by searching for the event hashtag “#ces2dallas”.

Here’s a link to the facbook group where 95% of all attendees hang out - if you aren’t a free member there yet, please join us (once you are in, search for the event hashtag #ces2dallas):  Click To Join th MySilentTeam.com Facebook Group

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 10.42.08 AM

I’m not alone! My crew and I travel as a pack and I’m so blessed to have them with me on trips like this! Andrea presented as well at the event in a break out session discussing family issues associated with being an “at home” entrepreneurial family/spouse.

I won’t even try to communicate in an email the mind blowing impact that the “CES Dallas” event had and will continue to have on every attendee, and probably the entire Internet biz community. I can’t help but feel we are raising the standard of what an Internet biz conference should look like.

In his opening comments, our keynote speaker Rabbi Daniel Lapin had us on the edge of our seats for two hours…and one of the biggest take aways for most people was the fact that in life as in business and in all other arenas, we are NOT meant to be alone. Solitude is poison, and as Internet entrepreneurs we have to resist the urge to “hide” and try to “go it alone”.

There’s something powerful about face-to-face meetings like CES. Because the core of our audience is made up of such passionate, caring, giving people, the atmosphere was alive and quite emotional at times in Dallas. It’s hard to explain, but from the pics and comments posted online you’ll get a feel for the impact of this event. Use the link above, and check it out if you haven’t yet.

So far 100% of the anonymous surveys we’ve gotten back from attendees have said they plan to come back next time!

If you have a couple minutes, check out that video above – in it I show you:

1. A brief wrap up of the event
2. How to stay a part of it all for free on Facebook, or take a more serious step and join my team and I in the launch of…
3. CESclassroom.com


…and finally, allow me a quick shout out to our incredible sponsors who helped make the event possible and added so much value to the event:


what’s the big deal with live events for Internet business builders?

It was November 2013…a large Orlando hotel conference room was packed with friendly faces. My best customers, students and partners had come from around the world at my invitation for a jam packed weekend of learning and growing together. There was no denying I was visibly nervous and you could tell I had barely slept the night before. In fact, I had never done anything like what I was about to do. Over 350 friendly faces were watching me step into a role I wasn’t yet convinced I was ready for.

Surely there must have been some doubt in the room as we started the event. Would it all be worth it?

I can count on one hand the times I’ve been more nervous in my life. I’ve been on stage in front of audiences before, but never anything quite like my first CES event where every person in the crowd was there because I had asked them to come see what my team and I had planned. Each attendee had decided to spend their money, get on an airplane or drive long distances, leave their families and routines in order to be there.

No pressure, right?

Let’s skip to the end of the story:

You can ask literally ANYONE who was there. It was powerful.

In order to get the true sentiments of those who attended we anonymously asked (via poll) all who attended a couple simple questions.

We asked “Should we do this again?” and, “Would you come back?”

The responses poured in – virtually 100% “YES”.

We listened -and we got a bigger room for our September 2014 CES event. Tickets sold out in under a day months in advance of the event. I didn’t even send the invite to my full mailing list before it was sold out. I’m still in shock.

None of us should be surprised at the power of face to face gatherings though – it’s actually a biblical concept.

I’ve learned recently that ancient Jewish wisdom has a concept that explains the value of live (face to face) interaction as opposed to the alternatives of written, phone calls or even live video chat. I learned of this concept from my favorite Jewish author Rabbi Daniel Lapin. In the Hebrew language, the word for “face” and the word for “inside” are the same word. The significance of these overlapping words is simply this:

You can’t tell what’s really going on inside someone until you see them in person – or face to face. With over 50 facial muscles, we communicate incredible amounts of information very quickly when meeting others. This helps us truly decide who we can and can’t trust, who we want to get to know better and who to avoid.

You can’t duplicate this with a phone call, an email or even an online chat.

Here are just some of the things I saw happen in front of my eyes at CES 2013 that NEVER would have happened otherwise:

  • the start of lifelong friendships between people who would have never met otherwise
  • the launch of biz concepts that would have never come about otherwise
  • new partners for my biz and for the businesses of many others in attendance
  • a literal LEAP in confidence for many who came and had their spirits lifted in a way no online experience can duplicate
  • the confidence of my team and I grew. We knew that we had something truly worth sharing. I became SURE of my mission.
  • my circle of leaders, coaches, moderators and advisors grew in numbers as some incredible leaders “bought in” to my shared vision for entrepreneurs
  • both my business and the businesses of so many who attended are reporting that their businesses are growing in every measurable way as a result of CES 2013
  • my kids got to see proof that their dad really is dealing with real people when he’s sitting in his office looking into the glowing screen. I’m raising entrepreneurs!
  • I got to shake hands and hug the necks of hundreds of people who I knew only as a customer, a reader or a Facebook picture previously
  • And that’s not even listing the incredible content, ideas and strategies that were shared openly by all the entire time – with NO big pitches for products to purchase.

    The September 2014 event is sold out, so this isn’t a ploy to sell you a ticket (although you can get the next best thing which is full access to all of CES via online live stream. It’s on sale until Aug 1st here):


    Instead, I want to reinforce the fact that there’s no replacing face to face – even in our age of virtual meetings, email and live streaming. If you aren’t “getting out” and physically surrounding yourself with real people who encourage and inspire you, then you are missing out on some of the greatest energy boosting opportunities you’ll ever experience. Come see the faces of my partners, students and readers if you get a chance. You’ll see we are on a mission and we want you to join us.

    Silent Sales Machine 8.0 just launched – Summer 2014!

    SilentSalesMachine.com has undergone a major makeover and the 8th release/update is ready!

    I started rolling it out FOR FREE to past readers and members of  MySilentTeam.com starting in March 2014, but we hit some delays in getting it out to the public.

    Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 2.39.27 PMI can hardly believe this book has been going strong since 2002! I’ve been updating and re-releasing what is surely one of the all time (if not the all time) best selling ebooks in the world – now in its 8th major makeover/update.

    What’s this book about?

    Quite simply, it’s about what works NOW and what doesn’t work NOW online. It’s about where to get started and what to avoid. It’s the story of my success online and the success of thousands of others that I’ve taught, but better yet, it’s how you can do it as well.

    Yes it’s true-  thousands of people have used past versions of this book to launch their online income streams.

    Here are the details on the “Silent Sales Machine 8.0″ ebook update:

    •   If you are a member of MySilentTeam.com log in to get the latest update at no charge (visit the “Start at the beginning” department for access)
    •   If you bought the book in the past, we’ll be sending you a link to version 8.0 again in July sometime. You may already have 8.0, but the “pretty version” with the latest updates is still on the way.

    If you are getting a free update to the latest version I have a favor to ask:

    • Read the new version
    • Send me your feedback (post it as a comment here)
    • If you have a story of your own success that belongs in the book send it to me! I’ll include it (once verified of course). I always have room for new success stories!

    Visit SilentSalesMachine.com to get your copy. There is around 30-40% new content in version 8 along with several updates of now outdated services,  links and strategies.

    Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 7.09.42 PMHave a question, comment feedback etc.? Please leave a comment using the comment button above! We will publish all comments that others might find useful, but if you have a private question you can leave it here as well and we’ll respond to the email address you leave us.

    P.S. Want to get paid to tell your friends about this book on facebook etc.? Check out the affiliate info at the bottom of the SilentSalesMachine.com page. Anyone you refer to that page (or any of my product pages) will be tagged as your referral for life (even if they don’t buy the product you referred them to!)

    I want an Internet business. Where do I start?

    I’ve been helping my readers and students launch successful online and Internet based businesses for nearly a decade. Even though I’ve been part of helping thousands of people achieve significant online incomes, I’m aware that much if not most of my audience is still stuck at square one for one reason or the other. This is a visual map to help you pick an idea to start with, or if you’ve had some success and want a new income stream you’ll find my favorites here.

    Welcome to my “Opportunity Landscape” or “Opportunity Map”. A lot of thought went into this – I hope you like it.

    This video explains the map:

    At the bottom of this article you’ll see an older version of my map. Here’s the latest version:

    Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 11.54.19 PM

    Did I leave anything out? Do you want more detail on any of these opportunities? Do you disagree with where I placed any of the opportunities? Let’s talk about it… (also – for additional reading check out this $5 book. It’s helped launch hundreds of successful businesses (if not more) online.



    Scroll down for the old version of the map…




    The Old Map:

    Old Opportunity Map


    Choosing an affiliate tracking & payment service

    I get asked a lot about my preference for tracking orders and making sales of digital goods online. There are numerous options available so I thought I’d start a conversation on the topic.

    Some other thoughts I left out & things I’m learning as a result of this article (help me add to this list and keep it current with your comments below):

    • Clickbank & PayDotCom – you don’t need a merchant account. I have one now, so that’s a non-issue for me.
    • If you want 2 tier tracking Nanacast offers it, but on orders placed using PayPal, they don’t allow it (PayPal’s rules are silly here)
    • Other options that probably belong in this article: Click2Sell.com (help me complete this list)

    Get access to my nanacast expert using this link. No links in this article are affiliate links. If you want to use my affiliate link to join any service listed drop a note in the comments and I’ll hook you up (and thank you!)

    I’ll try to create a features/benefits grid over time as I gather information on this topic. I couldn’t’ find a good comparison online anywhere, so this is my attempt to start researching while while letting you know what I’ve learned so far.

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