Can you really sell your own homemade DVD on eBay?

Every few weeks or so I get an email from contributing expert Terrance about another great example of someone selling a simple home made DVD successfully on eBay. He’s got a great book about it and it’s inspiring some cool success stories.

The beauty of having your own DVD to sell on eBay is the ease of adding inventory (just burn more copies) and the high profit margins. You don’t have to be technically skilled either – you can keep it all pretty simple.

Here’s some recent results from one fan of Terrance’s approach to eBay success:

Hot air balloon dvd selling on eBay

You may think that $14.95 is a small profit, but keep in mind you can make as many different DVD’s as you want and there are over 12 other ways to profit besides just selling them on eBay. You could start a membership site, or have a related simple webpage with additional info covered with Google Adsense ads, or start a mailing list for enthusiasts…the ideas are endless. A DVD is a great niche product to build a business around.

Don’t worry about editing. Terrance does virtually NO editing on some of his most successful DVD projects. It can be as simple as point, shoot, and rewind if you want to cut something out.

Looking for ideas? Terrance suggests hitting local events and festivals. Interview the enthusiasts there (always ready to talk) and take footage of the sights and sounds. True fans will eat it up. For more ideas check out Terrance’s book. If you want to discuss these ideas (and other creative ways to profit on eBay and the Internet) you need a membership to About 1,200 members gather there to learn details on ideas like this one, interact with experts, and discuss strategies in our forums.

Want more ideas? Check out the video I made several months ago with many other examples of successful homemade DVD sellers on eBay. Click here to watch it

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  • THAT Painter Lady

    I have made and sold 2 how-to videos so far and have plans for several more. But they are labor intensive.

    Interesting to see someone selling videos that are travel related… and how easy they are to create.

    All video's should be well edited, as this makes the user experience worth their money. And… it keeps it coming back for more.

    I have spent time learning simple editing techniques, and it has really paid off.

    I also pay for professional art and replication. This goes along way in providing a professional looking product for a pretty low per piece cost. Originally we were doing all this after production work ourselves, but found that it was not a profitable use of our time.

  • garth

    There's a fella making do it yourself vid's related to the rodeo that sells his stuff on ebay.

    Some general on these homeade videos are

    Stick to Stuff not Fluff…

    There can be no limit to the value of your content but there is a limit to quality.

    If you make sure in your video things can be heard or seen without need of a hearing aide or a magnifying glass then this is all the quality you need.

    Then what matters is that the stuff in the vid must be exciting to people that are interested in the topic.

  • Robert

    Option 1… no brainer Jim…

  • Cuthbert Charles

    I will choose option one. simply because it frees me to get involve in other income streams and still give me some time for myself and my family.

    I need a blueprint of how this is done.

  • Paul Todd

    I'd definitely choose option 1, for obvious reasons. That would leave more time for other ventures–and more opportunities to make more money from them–and more time to enjoy the fruits. By the way, Jim, I really appreciate all the info you've given me without any cost–over these past 4(?) years–and especially the real gems in "The Silent Sales Machine Hiding On eBay", which was the bargain of a lifetime! You truly have a kind, generous spirit. May the Lord God bless you and your family, as we celebrate His birth this coming week. Take care, Paul Todd

  • al

    I choose option 1. It requires less time as it is automated.

  • Alan

    I have to go with option one only because you can link to each one and get more traffic to each site!

  • Bruce

    I choose both because you really shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket. I love multiple streams of income, for the options are wide open. I also like the couple of hours of work for more money. That's an option that will bring in more money for a little more work. One should never be affraid of a little "smart work".

  • Randi

    First Jim I would like to say thank you for the useful information that you send to my e-mail address.

    Second I've learned that what works on ebay has to be either old or unique, or both. Specialized knowledge, or information products fit that bill. I recommend that your customers be very literal when they sell that type of thing on ebay. Selling a cd containing everything won't sell as well as a specific procedure or process.

    Anyway Jim keep up the great work and keep the info coming.

    Thanks, Randi

  • Mark Hood

    Option 1 which gets my eggs in 4 baskets instead of 1.Been there done that.

  • mary saton


  • mary saton

    the one i would choose would be #2 i need to stay as active as i can at this time of my life you see i just turned 63 so anything i do will be nothing but an improvement. but i have got to try to succeed. i have been very inactive due to illness that the cancer left me with. but at least if i am busy on the pc at least i am occupying my mind at least.


    mary s

  • Tom Ferguson

    Option one! Obvious is it not? More time for other business!

  • Rob

    im choosing option 1,

    my time is worth more than money to me

  • John Willard

    I would select option 1 because after set-up

    they would not require constant attention and

    I would have time to set up more automated

    streams of income. The net result, More profit.

  • John Marraffino

    Option 1 because the object of income stream(s) is to free my time. Heck, I trade my time for money NOW and that is what we all wanrt to change.