An honor…and you are part of it!

Here’s a link to a page I just set up to ‘show off’ a bit of an astonishing honor I just received notice of.

According to (which monitors over 2,000 people and Internet business products) I’m now officially the top ranked industry expert with the top ranked book in Internet Marketing. My name is up there with some true GIANTS  of this industry.

I’m FULLY AWARE that due to the ‘real time’ nature of their ranking system that the momentum could swing away from me at any moment …but I’m honored to have spent this moment in the ‘spotlight’ regardless of how long it lasts.

It seems that being honest, creative and diligent pays off in this biz. Thanks for reading my stuff and for being part of the creative community I’m trying to build at if you are a member there.

Is Jim Cockrum a scam? Industry watchdog reports just the opposite

Leave me a comment below, or if you are ready to get serious about making money online buy a copy of my top ranked book that’s been updated six time since 2001 and is STILL getting rave reviews almost daily!

  • Reg B.

    I told the world on Twitter, Facebook and any one else I can… I got your back.

    Thanks for all you done for me and the thousands of others…


  • Svenja

    Hi Jim,

    Congratulations! I know that I am following the advise and guidance of one of the best marketers on the Internet.

    Your book is phenomenal and has most certainly changed my life!

    With gratitude,


  • David

    Congratulations Jim,

    I have been reading your newsletter for several years and own SSM. From everything I have seen and read you are the real deal, and as such you deserve all the recognition that comes your way. Keep up the great work and thanks!


  • marijke

    Congratulations Jim, you deserve this!


  • Jeff Baas

    Congratulations, Jim!

    I've followed you for at least five years and I've bought almost everything you created. (And what I haven't is simply because I don't have time to keep up with everything!) You're truly one of the good guys of IM and one that I'm always happy to recommend!

  • Ed

    Well deserved, Jim! Congratulations. I know that I have learned a lot from you and a lot because of you. Giving is indeed what life and this business are really all about. Once (a long time ago) I understood that I would get all I needed by helping others get what they needed, life became very rewarding. You have indeed reinforced that belief for me.

    Keep on keepin' on!


  • Dawn Stephenson

    Hi Jim, I am so pleased to hear your great news. I am promoting your book as an affiliate, so this news is most welcome. Maybe there's some way I could add your posting to my blog to help us both? Well done. I intend to join your SST in the near future. Best wishes.

    [from Jim]:You can copy any post to your blog…that's fine! Just mention where you got it from.

  • Keith

    Congrats Jim! You ARE the top ranked expert in my book. You always share great information and are an honest person. I am proud to be a My Silent Team Member and owner of the best selling eBook! Keep up the awesome work.

    Best Regards,


  • Darlene

    You want me to comment and yet you still have not replied to my emails I have sent you over the past three months. I have tried the way you said to do it. Now I am trying this way….Will you ever respond to me or do you just take a persons money for your book and treat the buyer like trash. This being the case, now I see why your so rich!

    [reply from Jim]: Email is extremely unreliable. It sounds like your emails aren't getting through possibly. What issue can I help you with? Feel free to post your issue here and I or one of my staff will reply directly to your email with my personal gmail account. Be sure to add jimcockrum @ gmail . com (remove spaces) to your email address book. That will prevent my email to you from being blocked.

  • Ron Campbell

    Congrats Jim,

    I knew when I started reading your material that you would someday get the attention you deserve. One question. What took them so long?

    Really, it must feel good to have that bestowed on you. Keep it up with the great newsletters, the ideas you so willingly share and you just may keep the top spot for a while.

    All my best to "Sir" Silent Jim,


  • Michael

    Well there you go!

    Great to see that ethical business and ethical businessmen are given their just dues. Keep up the good work Jim – I know all your readers truly appreciate your approach over that of the "gurus".


  • Florence Horan

    Congratuations Jim – you always remember to send me your letters – and yes you are the most honest – I have discontinued all the others as they offer too much gibberish. I have your book and the added section.

    I'm not doing great on my efforts but that is my fault not yours.

    Keep up the good honest work! Florence H

  • Tammie

    Congratulations Jim! I still thank God for my decision to join Julia Schultz’ Yahoo group last year. Through her I found you and I am so grateful! As a person (like so many before me) who graduated high school, went to college to study for my ONE career so that I could land my ONE job that I thought I would work at for the rest of my life, and then struggling wondering why in the world was I BORED, burned out, and POOR, your “Multiple Streams” of income hit home for me at just the right time. I’m still POOR, but now I have hope, broader horizons, and I’m taking action on a PLAN!. Thank you for all that you do!

  • Jack White


    Credit where credit is due.

    “It seems that being honest, creative and diligent pays off in this biz”, yes it does, and more over, ethical and honest marketers like us WILL see it through, rather than those fly-by-night IMers who could not care less. (greed fuelled only by mon.ey).

    Congratulations my friend.


  • Guy Hague

    Fantastic news Jim,
    you’re an inspiration to many,
    keep it going,
    We are all watching and evolving!
    kind regards,

  • VictoriaNTC

    Congratulations Jim,
    You certainly deserve it!

    In my opinion, you are a gem, a true professional which without knowing me, helped me launch a successful eBay and therefore Internet Marketing Career.

    I am most impressed by your world class customer care when I email.
    Cheers to you!
    Noble Trading Company Company

  • Avril Harper

    Well done, Jim.


  • Tom Likes


    I’ve been reading your newsletter for a long time, and I always look forward to it. I can’t say that for many other newsletters.

    Just keep on giving us all your great ideas!


  • Jeremy

    Wow…Congratulations to you Jim! That is really great to hear. Considering how intense our IM community can be, that is worthy of your "brag" email 😉

    Keep it up bro!


  • Nona Sangalang

    Hi Jim

    Congratulations for this great honor!! I think what people really appreciate is just simple honesty in dealing with them. A little emphathy, and generosity will go along way. Is that too hard to combine in this business? I am glad to be a part of your Silent Team and receiving your newsletters bring joy to my heart.
    Keep up the great work and creativity!


  • Steve Williams

    Brilliant news Jim and obviously credit where credit is due.

    It just goes to show that a genuine guy can succeed in I.M. Here's to your further success,

    Sincere Regards, Steve.

  • Mike Mott


    Really well done, great news!

    Thanks for all your help in the past.



  • Steve Rechel

    It didn't surprise me at all Jim because I have known since your beginning that you were going to be well known mainly because of your honesty.In fact I am going to try and use some of your tips in promoting my new store.

  • Barry Wells

    Hi Jim, congratulations mate. You get out what you put in, its good that others have noticed it.

    Regards, Barry

  • Femi

    Congratulations Jim! You deserve it and a whole lot more. What you share on a regular basis is worth a fortune if one was actually paying you for your coaching advice. Thanks my man and God bless.

  • Eruwan Gerry

    Hi Jim,

    You're definitely there in my book as being one of the most trustworthy person on the internet!

  • Michelle

    Congrats Jim!!! Love your newsletter and website – especially the forums. We have made thousands of dollars this summer thanks to 2 of the ideas on your website. It has been wonderful. thank you!!!

  • Lisa Peter

    I'm so glad I was able to find a good, honest person and team to grow my business. I'm thrilled by the results so far and look forward to many more successes through your programs! Congratulations! Well deserved.