Proven Amazon Course going amazingly well

Many former eBay sellers are now embracing Amazon. The alternate solution of choice seems to be “Fulfillment by Amazon” or FBA.

How do you feel about eBay vs. Amazon as a business opportunity? Leave me a comment by clicking the comment button above or by scrolling all the way down to the bottom of this article. If you have a question you can leave that in the comments as well and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Some of my conclusions on the eBay vs. Amazon debate:

  • eBay continues to be a great idea for those selling high margin, unusual, or collectible items etc.
  • If your product has a barcode on it, odds are it’s PERFECT for Amazon
  • eBay is quickly losing their advantages over Amazon from a buyer and seller perspective for most products
  • Amazon offers sellers a business model that requires far less customer “hand holding” and generates far fewer customer issues
  • eBay is all about lowest price from the buyers perspective. That’s hard on sellers.
  • Amazon buyers often will buy the HIGHER priced items benefiting those of us that understand FBA
  • You can take a vacation from an Amazon FBA business w/o shutting down your operation. Not so with eBay.

The “Proven Amazon Course” that I launched a couple months ago has been a tremendous success for so many people – so I thought I’d give you an update in case you were skeptical at first.

Here’s the page with details on this course if you haven’t seen it :

The only acceptable proof of just how successful the “PAC” has been is of course are the RESULTS that our students are getting.

We are now a couple months on the other side of the launch and the excitement is still GROWING…not fading. There is a simple reason for that. It’s because this stuff works. Our forums are full of people learning the course, interacting with our experts and other students, and in many cases finding great success with this simple concept.

EXAMPLE : A testimonial posted on our “Proven Amazon Course” student forum just yesterday:

I spent the day today helping my Aunt set up an FBA business at her house. I have been on the crash course with her the last few days giving her rank suggestions and some ideas on what types of products to buy. She signed up for PAC also and I expect that she will be joining the forums soon. We just put her first two shipments together…It’s been very fun and quite fulfilling being able to teach someone else how to make another income stream. I wanted to pass this on to the forum because if it wasn’t for the PAC I would have not known about FBA two and a half short months ago and I wouldn’t be able to share this great opportunity with those that are close to me.

So, “Thank You” to all of the support people and also everyone that has been using the forum to ask and answer questions as they arise. This has been a fun trip so far!

R. Anderson

Hi Jim;
I took your course and felt that $200 a month profit would be like Hog Heaven to me. I live in a low income neighborhood where a lot of people have lost their homes. Some have been evicted-talk about heart breaking. Last month alone I had a profit of $10,978.24, before taxes of about 25%, and since 4 months after joining your course-about 2 years ago- have NOT had to take any money out of social security payments or ira monthly payments to pay any bills. We have paid off our solar power installation bill-over $14,000- a year and a half ago.
I wasn’t doing very good at first but Nathan Bailey would NOT let me quit on myself thank God. The lady who was my trainer at first was a big help and I still refer to her notes for reference.
Thank you, thank you for pulling me into this course and sticking with it,
Be cool,
Jim Lowe- Inkster, Michigan
ps you have my unconditional permission to this unintended/unsolicited testimonial wherever you choose
psps the IRS loves me because I pay a LOT of taxes
**editor note: Nathan is the coaching director at

A good indicator of the excitement level and ongoing interest in this course is our PAC forums. We’ve had over 2,000 comments and replies since launch, and it’s a very active forum daily.  Want some proof of how active our “Proven Amazon Course” forums are? Check out the below video showing the posts from just the past few days: