From School Teacher to $200K/month online business

Check out the note I just got from a long time reader now turned mega-success story:

“My online business is now generating as much as $200,000 a month and this figure is rising almost daily. Without the help of Jim Cockrum none of this would have happened.
Lee McIntyre
Jim was one of only 3 mentors who I turned to when I was struggling to get my business started, and his help and advice has literally been worth millions of dollars to my business.
Right now my business has 9,238 registered affiliates, but the SECOND person to ever promote one of my products was Jim.

I owe him a lot which is why I’m always singing his praises to anyone who will listen!!

Lee McIntyre”

That’s a cool endorsement isn’t it?

Here’s the best part for you…

I’ve gotten Lee’s permission to offer my readers his entire online business “blue print”  for $5!

Get it here:

Some of my thoughts about Lee, his system and the note he left me:

  •   Lee took a solid concept he learned from me and others and SYSTEMATIZED it.  No matter what you are trying to do online you can benefit from seeing Lee’s game plan spelled out. It’s a great example of automating, outsourcing, and auto-pilot growth.
  • Lee is doing affiliate marketing the RIGHT WAY (I’m always teaching that concept as well). Visit the “affiliate marketing” category on my blog for more info on what I mean by “the right way”.
  • Email marketing is at the heart of Lee’s success (You’ve heard that a thousand times from me as well right?) Again, I have an entire blog category dedicated to that as well.
  • He’s having huge success using his strategies to attract “offline” businesses as well (i.e. type of income).
  • Quite often, the student becomes the mentor in this biz. I learned a lot from studying Lee’s blueprint, and I know you will as well.
  • It can be quite lucrative to teach others how to succeed in the “wild west” that is “Online Business”. Lee earns money from several sources online, but teaching others the lessons he’s learned along the way is lucrative as well.
  •  The greatest service I perform for my readers (that’s you) is to FILTER through the endless stream of junk, hype, exaggeration etc. and point out the “good guys” that can actually teach us something worth learning. This is one of those times.
  • GVAMarketing

    Hi Jim,

    Would like to add that having met Lee personally he is a really great guy and very approachable … quite tall too! As evidenced in the picture here …

  • Nowbehere

    Is there a way to purchase Lee’s blueprint with PayPal? For those who have shunned credit cards it poses an obstacle. It is because Lee is in the UK? Thanks,

    • Jim Cockrum

      unfortunately I have no idea. I’ll ask them to add a paypal feature to the purchase page if they can (and update you here if they do), but I’m not sure.