How I get so many success stories from my students

I just got a private message from someone whose name you’d probably recognize. He and I have something in common. For both of us, a big part of our business is teaching Internet business concepts to individuals and businesses. He’s been doing it for far longer than I have though, and he is far more well known than I. I consider him an early mentor in my success. It was an honor hearing from him. Here’s what he wrote to me yesterday:

How are you?

I like the way you’re getting success stories. How are you getting people to IMPLEMENT so you can GET your success stories?

This is my goal for 2013!

(to get students to implement and get more success stories from students)

-Identity protected

My Reply:

I think my reply would make a good blog post. I won’t mention you by name b/c I don’t want any negative exposure for you.

I gave it some thought, and I think (it’s an educated guess really) that the results I’m getting from students comes primarily from a combination of the foundational education I give up front (for example in my book – which is where most customers discover me) and a few other factors.

The book spends significant time teaching about what DOESN’T work, mixed in with a heavy, and repetitive dose of what I know for SURE does work. I pound it and pound it till they are sick of hearing it. This helps keep my students from falling for other “shiny objects” outside of the tight circle I draw in the sand.

I have the advantage as well of having been in the business a long time (like you), so I can smell a scam a mile away, and I teach my students how to do the same. I’m not one to promote the “latest and greatest” ideas that come along. I let new ideas prove themselves first before I even take a look. My readers trust and respect my opinion b/c I take my time and avoid the “bandwagons” that roll through town.

Finally – don’t be too impressed. It takes a lot of ebook buyers to produce one awesome success story. You know as well as I do that on average, people by nature are easily distracted, too busy to be serious, and lack follow through on most resolutions they make – but when I get a serious student who is ready to work we are turning out a LOT of success stories these days!

Great hearing from you-


PS: Use the “Testimonials” link at the top of my blog to see some of the cool stories we’ve been getting.

  • Jordan Malik

    I can probably sum up why Jim’s customers actually implement, and why they (in turn) provide valuable testimonials in two short sentences.

    The marketing ideas that Jim shares are some of the ‘shortest’ routes from learning to generating real income.

    So when Jim’s customers implement something relatively quick and easy, and when they get even a small ‘success’ from it, they’re eager to thank him and eager to share.

    -Jordan Malik

    P.S. I have an idea who that guru is. If it is him, he has publicly spoken about redirecting his company’s focus away from affiliate marketing towards providing services that ‘really’ generate value and income for his small business/entrepreneur customers. He’s a huge success and a multi-millionaire but he’s quickly realized that generating sustainable income and passionate customers is now extremely difficult in the affiliate marketing arena. He’ll still be a huge success, no doubt, but I understand why he has turned to Jim.

  • George Thompson

    I found this blog post very helpful and encouraging! This is due to the fact that I have recently began capturing testimonials that come in through email as well as began a plan several months ago to reach out to our customer base in 2013. We ae going to be requesting audio interviews of our top 10 clients that will in effect be testimonials. Of course this comes straight out of your Free Marketing book Jim. Thanks again Jim for encouraging us to “hunt for the gold” and avoid the fools gold out there!

  • Marcus Cudd

    I think most of it is because Jim puts a priority on ideas that don’t cost a lot of money to get started. Most of the time they require a belief in yourself. You get a sound idea from Jim, with information on where to find the tools to do it right, and the business fundamentals behind the idea are very sound, so there is not much to be skeptical about. When money and time are taken out of the equation it comes down to taking action. People get so excited about the success they have they can’t wait to share it.

  • Elon Bomani

    Hey I am one of them! I took your PAC 4 mores ago and made over $6k in sales not knowing fully what I was doing with my kidpreneurs. I want to thank you very much for your help and thorough program.

    You are right! It is not common to find the rare student who takes action but it is also uncommon to find the rare teacher who walks the walks and talks the talks. Good doing business with ya and thanks again for all your help!

    The Pajama Momma

  • William Cato

    Hey there Jim, I have to say everything you told the Guru is the plain honest truth. I have been on your news letter since 2006 and I love every issue. Your latest ssm7 was totally awesome!

    I have learned a lot from you. After I was layed off from my last job in August of 2010, I decided to do my own thing and have been self employed since. Now I have never taken coaching from you, but the information you provide in your ssm book & from your newsletter, is always useful and complete, instead of useful yet, incomplete.

    think if a lot of Guru’s would follow that 1 lesson they would have a lot more success story’s as well.

  • Tom Croner

    Jim: Happy 2013,

    You have been one tremendous inspiration in my sincere efforts to succeed in my Web Ventures. I told you over a month ago that I purchased your new book and would read it. Don’t trust that well-meant statement!! The hardcover book is still on the floor next to my computer “to be read”…

    Frankly, I will–once I find enough time to do it,,,I have been so blooming busy 12/7/30 that I have not found the time to read it. BUT, i TAKE THE TIME TO READ AND ABSORB YOUR NEWSLETTERS (that provide me with a tom of valuable information.I am in the throws of establishing my selling condition on the Web, Amazon (God Bless their Computing System and Attitude towards Seller !!!!!!!!), So just by learning that system and listening to some experienced Merchants,( some of the Great( MCGrrrrrrr), I am blessed to have people like you guide me along the road!

    On my wall in front of my desk is a clipping from Time(Iseem to recall), with a photo of a famous individual – to illustrate one of his famous (Infamous) statements–It reads:
    “If You’ve Got a Business —–You Didn’t Build That” Well, on that clipping on the wall, there is a Marking Pen quote: ” JERK”
    That sums it up, Jim and God Bless,


    • Jim Cockrum

      You clearly have an entrepreneurs mind Tom…you are neck deep in your success journey, you just haven’t seen the fruit yet. It’s coming!