Want to work with my team? I’m hiring!

Due to incredible growth we have a need for additional great people on my team.

This is not a “job”, but instead it’s a paid partnership opportunity. Time and time again our most successful students have risen up to leadership roles. It’s a great business model and it’s a testament to the effectiveness of what we teach.

Here’s the opportunity:
If you are a match for our needs, we’ll pay you well to provide the level of support and assistance that you’ve come to expect from anything I put my name to. You’ll also get to work with the STRONGEST and MOST CREATIVE team in online business success training.

Here are the specific partnership positions we are looking to fill currently:

o Forum Discussion Moderators for MySilentTeam.com and our MySilentTeam.com Facebook group

What qualifies you to be a part of the team?

The more of the below qualifications you have, the more likely we are to be interested in bringing you on board. The most important qualifications are on top (you don’t need all qualifications in order to apply):

o You’ve had success online in one or more of the **three niche areas that I teach  (The C.E.S models)
o You are willing and able to provide proof of your success in your own business online
o You are available to commit a few hours per week (this isn’t full-time work)
o You are a long time member and frequent user of either membership site MySilentTeam.com or OfflineBiz.com (provide your ID please)
o Long time fan/reader/student of Jim’s

How do you apply?

I don’t need (or want) your resume. I could care less if you went to college or what grades you got in school. Just send me a few short sentences about your qualifications based on the above list- nothing fancy needed.

To apply, please forward your response to Jim’s email account at JimCockrum*at*gmail.com, or reply to this blog post (it will be kept confident) using the comment feature of this blog post. Either way, we’ll get back to you within a week or so, and I’ll be speaking directly to the candidates that are most qualified.

Have a question or comment that might benefit others? Please use the comment button and we’ll respond and post it for all to see if appropriate.

In case you are wondering, here are the three strategies of online success that we teach (The CES models are Consult, Expand, Sell):

1. Sell high profit physical goods through Amazon.com, eBay.com and possibly your own website. Optionally, you are continually finding creative ways to automate and grow a huge customer following for future sales and connections. (MySilentTeam.com supports this concept) (SELL)

2. Find a profitable niche market, be a leader in that niche and give your followers fantastic content while also selling them related products, services, training, or information that is of interest to them. (MySilentTeam.com supports this concept)  (EXPAND)

3. Help other businesses, experts, authors and organizations apply “what works” and prosper from your efforts helping them. (OfflineBiz.com supports this concept) (CONSULT)

Read more about each of these strategies in the SilentSalesMachine.com book.

  • http://www.facebook.com/netrepeneur Dustan Harless

    What a fantastic opportunity. I’m sure you’ll have the very best of the best to pick from Jim. May you partner with the people who will help you to even more success for His glory.

    • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

      We had an amazing number of responses Dustan. You are right!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.pollock13 Mike Pollock

    What a great oportunity. I hope this chance comes up again. I am just getting started and am already excited about a chance to teach others how to be successful on Amazon and Ebay. Thanks for the nonstop great content Jim!

    • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

      Thanks for the enthusiasm and support Mike – Who knows…perhaps the future will bring other opportunities for us to work together!

  • Susan

    What does this mean? Quote: This is not a “job”, but instead it’s a paid partnership opportunity

    • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

      Great question! My minds works in strange ways sometimes – I can see where that might be confusing. To me a “job” is where you go to work for someone else and they tell you what hours to work and exactly what to do while working. I’m not interested in hiring “job” seekers.

      I want partners.

      A partner works flexible hours, uses their instincts, helps grow the business and has the same goals as the owner (me). Of course you’ll be paid and you will track your hours, but this isn’t a “job”.

      I hope that helps.

  • http://www.facebook.com/romy.macias Romy Macias

    Hi Jim,
    I don’t know how I came across your blog, but I did and have been listening to Brett’s interview (http://www.mysilentteam.com/public/Brett_won_a_5000_bet_thanks_to_MySilentTeam.cfm) and am enjoying it immensely! I will email you as I am very interested in “partnering” with you. I’ll go into detail as what I am doing online already, so I would really enjoy working and growing AND helping people!

    Thanks for what you’re doing to help folks,
    -Romy Macias

    • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

      It’s so great to hear from you Romy! I’m sorry to report that all slots have been filled, but I did get your email and appreciate hearing from you.