Can you help a retired Bull Rider with his training website for young riders?

Let’s have a blog comment contest! Below is an email I got from a reader along with my response back to the sender. I need you to read this and leave your comment as part of my “comment contest”!

What ideas would you submit to this cowboy to help grow his business? I know I have very creative blog readers from past experiments like this – let’s prove it again!

Here’s the email I got a couple of days ago (edited for content and length):

I’m a former professional bull rider. With a lack of coaches, there is a huge need in our sport for training and education to get bull riders to think and train like athletes. This is also a great opportunity for ministry.

I am writing to you to see if you could possibly help me and my partner develop a training/educational system to help bull riders. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact me at ##### if you have any interest or would even consider this. Thank you so much. God bless.

W. Petersen

Below is most of what I replied back to Mr. Peterson – what would you add?

I charge $750 per hour for coaching, but I’m not convinced you need to take that step just yet. There’s plenty you can likely do on your own to get things really rolling.

  • I noticed on your website that you have a free newsletter. That’s great, but there’s no incentive for your visitors to join it. You need to offer something like, “Free report: Three things you MUST do before you get on a bull again.” – join our mailing list today to get this and other free video tips.
  • There’s not much “social proof” on your site. What are your credentials? What success have you had? I need to see testimonials and awards all over that first page. The entire purpose of that page is to get the visitor to 1) believe you are the best with social proof, awards and pics 2) make them want your free offer 3) give them a great reason to give you their email address for the free offer. After that you follow up slowly over time and “close the deal” with a far bigger number of students than you are getting now.
  • Learn, study and LOVE email marketing. It’s your ticket to the next level.
  • read my book & the books. FULL of ideas to get things rolling for just a few bucks spent.
  • I’m honored you contacted me! Thanks and God bless your MINISTRY!

So, what would YOU add to my advice? There’s plenty else that could be said…but I’m waiting to hear from YOU!

I’ll be looking over all the comments left on this blog post and I’ll be choosing a few winners for “most creative” and “most helpful”. The winners will get recognition in an upcoming newsletter and quite likely a tip of the hat from a real cowboy.

UPDATE A COUPLE WEEKS LATER: Time to choose a winner from among the reader comments submitted!

It was difficult for me to pick a winner here (I decided to go with JUST ONE) because there is literally NO bad advice in the comments my readers have left on this article! It’s just more proof of how incredibly creative my readers are! Well done.

Each of you deserve recognition and I encourage all who read this post to check out the incredible ideas in the comments section of this blog post. That being said, the most powerful single idea among them all (in my opinion) was this one submitted by Rob Walling, “…if it was me I would look to partner with someone who is either an authority or recognizable from that industry…

Why did I choose this tip? Because the FASTEST way to get yourself in front of your target audience and flood your business with targeted leads is to find someone who already has the attention of your niche target audience and then find a way to create a “three way win” with them. If you can do this while growing your email list, you have virtually GUARANTEED your success. For more info on “three way win” strategies and email list growth strategies check out my other blog posts in the “finding customers” and “email marketing” sections.

Big congrats to Rob Walling for his winning idea – Your instincts have earned you a big cowboy YEEHAW!

  • Michael Markuson

    Well, As he mentioned it is a ministry (a very creative different type of one) I would suggest Proverbs 16:3 as my comment to them. Also 1 Corinthians 10:31. Your advice was the practical for the business side. My advice touches on the “ministry” side. :-)

  • Rob Walling

    Not sure how well connected this gentleman is within the bull riding community but if it was me I would look to partner with someone who is either an authority or recognizable from that industry. Maybe create an ebook that this person could write the forward to or endorse. If he is looking to grow his coaching business then he could give said endorser all of the profits or a good portion to create a win win. Instant credibility. Of course the content would have to be killer good!

  • Tamara Patzer

    W. Peterson, this is Tamara Patzer. I have several ideas for you.
    1) Write a book. This will help you get authority for your expertise. Don’t worry. It’s not hard to write a book if you know some great tips.
    2) Jim says you need social proof. Have you written any press releases about your site and what you offer?

    3) Do you have any testimonials? Get them in writing, on video and on audio.
    4) Video. There is a ton you can do with video to promote your site.

    That’s what I have for now. Thanks, Tami

  • Ray Fisher

    figure out what you sense you are “called” to do….follow your call, then, and only then comes qualification…..!!

  • Mikey

    A video showing one or more of his successful riders riding and winning top events. Make the video inclusive such as ” I helped him/her win and I can help you too” or ” Whether your goal is to win championships or just stay healthy I can help you get there”.

  • Sidra Gaines

    Create a YouTube page where you share techniques/strategies to get subscribers and build a list. Wish you well!

  • shawn lebaron

    He may consider sponsoring events at the rodeos and events where his customers are. Most events have advertisers. Make call to action in ad to go to website

  • Natalie Dawkins

    All the Ideas that have been submitted thus far have been wonderful. I would like to add another concept to the mix though. An inventive way to get people interested would be to add a survey or a quiz to test his readers knowledge about bull riding and fitness. Sometimes people think they know everything that they need to know and this would be an excellent way to show them that they in fact need help in certain areas. The survey/ quiz would also show W. Peterson the areas that the individual actually needs help in and he would be able to offer a better individualized course. The survey/ quiz could be the lead in to the newsletter that he offers. Just another way to attract attention to his cause.

  • Diane

    1. Start talking at local high schools about bull riding.

    2. Create a meetup group for your area at on bull riding. it will attract people who are interested in what you have to teach and help you drive traffic to your program.

    3. Partner with local organizations that are interested in community education. Ie. community centers, parks and recreation.

  • Tim Costin

    Hi. I’ve taken a look at your website and I noticed a few things. One, I see you have a lot of videos with training and information. If it were me and I had that many videos already, I would start a membership site. Charge whatever you think your market will be willing to pay. For example, maybe $20.00/month.

    I also see you have social buttons on your site. That’s good. But you should work to increase the numbers though. Spend more time interacting with your FB and Twitter folks.

    I also see you have an Opt-in form on your site, but I had to hunt to find it. The optimal position for this form is in the upper right hand corner of you site. You should also make it more obvious. What I mean by that is make it easy to see. Put a call to action above the Opt-in box so the viewer knows what you want them to do. Add some color to it and maybe enclose it with a black frame.

    Those are my initial ideas.

    Good luck.


  • Kay

    A good way to show your involvement in ministry is to share on your website where a percentage of your profits will be donated. Shows you are intentional.

  • John Schnieder

    Wiley and Dustin

    As an ex 4 event rodeo rider myself and one who has attended several bull/bareback riding clinics as well as team roping, bull dogging and calf roping clinics and a devout Christian I suppose I could throw in a few words.

    What you are doing is awesome.

    The number one thought I had when I read your email was with the clinics I attended they were solely focused on techniques which was good but in your situation you have an opportunity to go much further. These young riders are very impressionable and you have the opportunity to become not only a bull riding coach but a life coach as well. There is an unlimited number of things you teach that can be related to life, (patients, passion, love, endurance, pain, commitment and many more.)

    As you know most rodeo careers are short lived with injuries and all, and you have an opportunity to teach these kids life lessons, through your bull riding clinic that will stick with them long past those rodeo years.

    If you can make an impact on the heart they will always remember your teaching, and I can think of no better way to grow your business than these guys telling everyone they know about your clinic and the impact it had not only on their riding but on their life.

    As a young person I attended a camp that so impacted my life I have never forgotten it even 40 years later. In fact my lovely bride (of 15 years) and I are currently raising money to build a kids camp simply for the fact that I want others to have that life changing experience that I had. (Thanks Jim For Your Teaching helping us grow a very successful Amazon business)

    You CAN create that kind of impression through your clinics.

    Hope that sparks a cord in your heart.

    P.S. As a full time career I AI cows and we currently have some sons that are rising in the ranks on the circuit out here in California.

    Good Luck and God Bless


  • Shane Purnell

    Find as many clubs and organizations as you can that have young riders. Not just Bull riders Share your testimony and your stories. Get pictures if you speaking and out them on your website (speakers always look authoritative). Put your speaking schedule on your website. Put out offers to book you to speak on your site. Use video of you speaking as content ( free or paid ). Sounds like you’ve got enough experience to sell. Sell it.

  • OriLevi

    As a bull rider you probably have a lot of videos showing you or your partner on a bull. I bet that in some of them something funny happens like the bull goes crazy for some reason, or you fall of the bull (as long as you’r not injured) or stuff like this.

    My suggestion to you is to create a short clip containing all this funny videos and upload it to YouTube.
    This way you are making yourself special connecting with your audience in much bigger and faster way.

    From there, the options are endless, you can:

    – Put the video your website’s homepage and under it say something like “Want to see more? enter your email..”

    – If it goes well, you can even earn money from it by running youtube ads inside the clip and use the money to promote your website even more.

    – And much much more

    I hope it makes sense

    (ps – I charge half of what Jim takes for coaching LOL) :)

  • Jim Orr

    Using the path of educating and informing to build your list I would recommend looking into a video marketing strategy called the 10x10x4 Market Domination. In a nutshell it is a video marketing strategy where you make short video clips answering the most common questions about a topic and then have a call to action at the end to join your mailing list for more info.

    I hate to sound cliche and say I wrote the book on this strategy but really I kind of did. Mike Koenigs was the one who thought it up and I was the one who put it in writing for him.

  • JC

    BRANDING! You need to make yourself into a brand. Make yourself an expert by writing lots and making videos.

    I’ll bet that somewhere in the bullriding world there are some real fans that love the sport and blog / vlog about it even though they can’t do it. They’d jump at the chance to work with an actual well known and /or successful bullrider and they could do all the webpage/ internet work for/with you. Where you lack expertise outsource it to this fan – it’ll be cheaper and you know they’d be enthusiastic.

    Make yourself the go-to expert for all things Bull Riding.

    Offer advice to parents of kids who want to do it – emphasize the safety aspect as well as the fitness required. If the parents feel you are someone who cares for their kids you’ll have a bigger market to sell to and one that has a future as some of these kids will grow up to be bullriders themselves.

    Make money by selling your own branded merchandise on your website/ platforms/stores. Sell boots, shirts, jeans, chaps etc all with your own logo on them.
    Ask an existing clothes manufacturer who already sells to the profession for advice or JV with them. Go to them with the idea / offer – they won’t come to you.

    Sell videos showing the skills and rides of the most famous bullriders as well as your own if you are such ( sorry – I’m from the UK and know nothing about Bullriding except that from watching TV it’s obvious bullriders are all completely MAD!) Show people what’s possible – give them the adrenalin rush needed to make them ask for more info.

    I repeat – BECOME A BRAND.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.


  • Joe G Spann

    I retired from working with start up bick and mortar businesses through a state school system and just am starting the web business arena, but I do have a ministry program working with a sportscar racing series. I recommend linking to but separating the ministry component. It would be good if you can find a covering ministry that would consider making you an associate for a small percentage and giving you access to their 501C3 privileges to allow tax deductions for your supporters. Develop separate contact lists and communicate accordingly. You can cross promote gently without offending and grow both sides. I have such an arragement through Motor Racing Outreach Association. When I raced motorcycles in my youth we shared shower facilities with the rodeo crowd often. They thought we were crazy and we KNEW they were crazy. Very similar cultures and great people often misunderstood by the church.
    May you have great success!

  • Ree Rote

    Your opt in needs to be more compelling. Everyone gets so many newsletters already, tell me why I would want yours. Make me feel as though I will be missing out if I don’t sign up for it. Also jazz the look of it up a bit and as someone else mentioned make sure it is above the fold. Do you have an email follow up campaign for those who opt-in? You want to stay in touch, other than your newsletter, with emails especially when they first sign up. Those emails will allow you to build trust and familiarity with your prospects and will be a place to offer your products for sale.

  • Nancy

    I was most impressed with your comment,

    “there is a huge need in our sport for training and education to get bull riders to think and train like athletes.”

    This is a wonderful idea! Instead of just training technique, you have come up with a special niche which will set you apart as a coach. Bull Riders are not
    just Cowboys – they are definitely Athletes! They may never have been approached with this idea before.

    You could use your site to discuss nutrition, weight training, injury
    prevention and of course, before any of that, the spiritual mindset that is necessary to succeed in this field.

    I would imagine that pretty much anyone tied to the back of an 2,000 lb bull is going to be praying to something!

    Seriously, though, the strong connection between spirit, mind and body has been well documented. I think you have a great idea for a ministry AND business!

  • Stephen Smotherman

    I would also ad a link where people can email you questions that they have on the subject matter of bull riding… that way, you an email address PLUS you get ideas for more great content! God bless!

  • Clint Griffin

    I’m going to follow up with what Stephen said below and also recommend you offer training at different levels – BEGINNING with where most of your visitors are RIGHT NOW. In other words, where would they start? And how will you communicate that to them? Maybe that free training on how to actually get started is your offer to capture leads for follow up – just a suggestion.

  • Shelley Fox

    Hi guys,
    First of all, I love the website and what you’re doing! At first glance, I wouldn’t change a thing…to me it “feels” fantastic. Since I am a fan of bull riding and also a Christian, your endeavor speaks to me all they way!

    Have you given any thought to putting up a listing on Ebay or Amazon for a “Full Package Coaching Session, All Inclusive”? Get your products on Amazon FBA!!! Sponsor a group of at-risk youth? Maybe, join forces with a local or national charity where you can make a huge difference in the lives of others? Then, plaster it all over the place!!! I believe that ministry can be accomplished without saying a word so combining your business with a ministry message should be fairly easy if your savvy. Your business model, character and actions speak louder than preaching (in my opinion).

    You have everything you need, I love that you have products, videos…everything! I believe that you guys are no doubt on the right path to huge success! With God, all things are possible. And with Jim on your side, you can’t go wrong. I wish you all the best and I can’t wait to see where God takes you!

    I’m a fan,
    Shelley Fox

  • ScottUfford_Visionary

    For training–you already know the athletic abilities most in demand to succeed in your rugged sport. I’m sure you can tailor a bullriding exercise program focused on these.

    A version of a Pilates program could focus on your core strength & coordination building training, & be sold to aspiring bullriders & the general public. Hey, exercise workouts based on boxing & daredevil sports have been cross-seeded to the public, why not bullriding?

    You could also think about the most common, & most severe, bullriding injuries. Then provide training to strengthen those parts of the physique most often injured–before & after.

    More than just focus on physique, consider the MENTAL focus required. You have a great opportunity to write (or have a ghost writer help you write) your The Zen of Bullriding workbook or masterpiece. Picture a robed Zen master calmly seated crosslegged on a raging bull! (Photoshop might be necessary).

    Other commercial possibilities– it’s really not that far from “Red Bull” to “Bull Rider” sports drink, is it?

  • Charlie

    I would start from the beginning of my life as a bull rider and yes with
    photos and what ever else you can contribute to show this is for real.
    Explain in some fashion how you came upon your passion that made you
    turn this into a blog. Your ups and downs in this business. Almost like a
    mini life’s story. There are people of all walks of life out there that
    would love to try something that makes them feel like a real man or
    strong woman. The profession I made my life’s work made people envy me. I
    had people get out of limo’s just to take pictures. Make it shine as if
    they can see themselves already doing the same thing.

  • Saul Friedman

    While I know very little about what you do, you obviously

    I too have applied “Horizontal Integration” by leveraging MY expertise in investment banking/trader/arbitrageur w/Morgan
    Stanley for many years by applying Wall Street Arbitrage Theory to my Advanced Level Amazon FBA Pro Merchant FEATURED in most of my niches (3 years of little success w/promoting MY talents – salesmanship/arbitrage theory turned into merchandise arbitrage/and I LOVE TEACHING AND COACHING!! Coaching is my 2nd largest income stream (not counting Amazon – which only in the last 3 months has become my number one source of income). I play piano and saxophone but that is not a source of income – that is my spiritual pathway and passion.

    have an ONLINE PRESENCE that you can leverage w/ease, especially through
    MySilentTeam –

    On Jim’s blog, he mentioned you have:

    (a) a website, (b) a newsletter, and (c) some subscribers.

    Given the resources you have (and I DON’t know the number of
    subscribers you have to your newsletter), my recommendations are as follows:

    1. Do what Jim and his team of experts say (b/c while I’m a
    former trader, a licensed attorney w/an MBA in Finance, I’m scaling out my
    online presence beyond Amazon & Ebay to do what you are doing – teaching MORE PEOPLE (right now, I am limited to the South Florida region b/c I have very little online presence) by reaching them once my online presence is scaled out and my plans are implemented (one at a time, of course) in MY areas ofexpertise;

    2. I started placing simple craigslist adds (at first – keep
    reading) advertising my Amazon FBA coaching until I obtained a few clients
    (kept reconfiguring/finetuning my adds – all PRIOR to joining MST).

    3. I kept my costs (at first) relatively low per session (1
    rate for group LIVE and in person training, and a different rate/pricing plan
    for phone sessions of 30/60/90/120 minutes with a free 30 minute initial phone
    session). The first session of my group training for Amazon’s FBA Platform –
    was FREE (so I could learn from THEM by “beta-testing” my approach), and to
    this day, my phone coaching plans ALWAYS start with a FREE 20 minute session (great marketing tool for not only the student but for the teacher too!) – and I now have a host of local clients who actually pay me
    for something I enjoy doing (teaching) and MOST IMPORTANTLY some Tricks of the Trade that I took from my Investment Banking career at Morgan Stanley to come up w/strategic & VERY focused methods of not only profiting on Amazon/Ebay, but how to apply Wall Street Arbitrage Theory to Merchandise/Retail Arbitrage.

    4. A whole network has really started to grow and I have a
    loyal following, a solid email list, but due to personal tragedies (lost wife
    & youngest son a few months apart) many of my plans to expand, to build out sites/blogs/niche ebooks/newsletters/publishing to Kindle/etc… on hold for a LONG time (DESPITE

    SIMULTANEOUSLY, I may have quit most of them b4 I started – the tragic suicide of my ex-wife (my BEST friend even though we had divorced) who simply could not recover from the loss of our youngest son to Leukemia has been filled with SILVER LININGS – Became a MUCH
    better/grateful/active/appreciative parent to my 2 sons; I WOULD HAVE FAILED AT WHAT I WAS TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH THEN (again, this is all prior to joining MST)

    6. what I know with absolute certainty I will be able to
    accomplish over the next few weeks & months. NOW I KNOW HOW I CAN LEVERAGE MY EMAIL LIST TO MY TRUSTING CLIENTS; NOW I KNOW HAVE A BUSINESS PLAN (really an action plan that I broke down into individual steps to stay focused on one thing at a time whereas b4, I was advised to “hold my horses” – ha ha- so to speak) rushing and running and with only 1 mentor (also a friend now and EXPERT member of MST – highly advise you contact him too – Jordan Malik
    APPLIED TO MANY OF MY NICHES AS WELL) – JORDAN MALIK helped me both professionally and personally in getting through my 2012 crises – as he has scaled out 1 step at a time – I took his advice – had no idea he was part of
    MST and I didn’t even know that much about MST until he advised me to sign up for Jim’s Newsletter.



    (B) DEFINITELY leverage craigslist – forget where
    you’re from but there MUST be a major metropolitan area within reach of where
    you live – by starting to place 1 or 2 adds/day – experiment with the ones that
    work, and keep posting/revising/reposting/revising as people need your service
    and VERY FEW have your gifts (both with horses, training, and MOSTLY the gift of FAITH).

    Craigslist got me started with my coaching business and still works
    well to this day, though I have limited live and in person training by raising
    the rates significantly, as phone sessions are FAR less time consuming and
    easier to manage for me).

    PS: I don’t have a newsletter yet, i don’t have a successful
    site yet, though i have big plans as I move forward in mst for, as I have a blog that I started prematurely, and while it’s truly amazing that it is the FIRST ORGANIC Google SEARCH RESULT by punching in the 2 keywords most relevant to my amazon arbitrage business (yet it’s embarrassing when people find it – so I don’t want to touch it for now, but will be using that account through advice from the Expert forums on mst to outsource the formatting/setup, etc… while I supply the content and
    links to and merchandise arbitrage in general. What’s most
    embarrassing is that i wasn’t even a highly profitable seller b4 I created that
    AWFUL blog that I spent 3 hours trying to set up and then just quit – no idea I
    hit the jackpot from an SEO standpoint – MST has already helped me with how to leverage it into a great marketing tool filled with links to newsletters,, etc… BEST SUGGESTION I HAVE: DO WHAT JIM’s TEAM SAYS AND STARTING POSTING YOUR SERVICES ON CRAIGSLIST – GREAT SOURCE FOR GETTING
    SUCCESS STORY. God bless you and your ministry – without faith I have nothing –
    might have gone the route of my deceased former wife.


    Saul Friedman

  • Chuck Crawford

    A simple one: contact all of the folks that you already know in the business. Ask them for endorsements of you and your career: it’s likely that you have already touched their lives without you knowing it. Post those endorsements up front on your site; or at least a link to them.

  • Danni Ackerman

    Sounds like a book is in order… at the very least an e-book! Tell your story. Develop a list of people already interested in your industry through learning about your success in bullriding. Now have a plan in place for how you would utilize coaching to them, what does that look like? I’m assuming it would be live training… they come to you? You go to them? I’m sure word of mouth would travel through the rodeo community like wildfire once you put this all in place.

    Make sure there is video and pictures on your site, I know somtimes it’s hard to market yourself, but remember people don’t know who you are til you let them into your life.
    Best wishes for amazing success!

  • Ben Swets

    Are Rodeo Helmets,
    pants, chaps, vests, and gloves common items that bull riders shop for? Sell your ebook in Ebay for over $100 in the same category where rodeo equipment is sold. Your goal is not to sell the book. Then on the auction page announce to the (curious but probably non bidding) shopper that s/he can see a video about how to obtain that ebook for free. Link the viewer from your Ebay auction to your eBay about-me page where your pitch video tells the audience who you are, who you help, and how the viewer can send an email message to a certain email address which enrolls them in your video newsletter. Shoppers who seek rodeo vests and who discover a hundred dollar ebook are bound to check out your auction page. Who would not want to find out the six
    biggest mistakes? When they discover it’s actually free, some shoppers will enroll.

    The strategy works if you buy a bunch of gloves, vests, and boot polish that
    you re-sell on Ebay. Simply emphasize in your Ebay auction that viewers have access to the six mistake video series. Charging over a thousand dollars for a five dollar item possibly makes more curious shoppers look at your auction than those who click to actually buy your five dollar item if it is priced at five dollars. Remember, your goal on Ebay is not to profit by selling anything on

    Your target audience was not shopping for coaching. You aim to attract them
    into being curious about your expertise. By helping your target audience for free with an email video newsletter, you will grow their trust. There are way
    more browsers and shoppers among your target audience who are casually
    interested in bull riding lessons, than there are who are ready at this moment
    to commit to hiring a trainer. Nurture the attention of casually interested bull riders who are willing to subscribe to your email video newsletter.

    You can expect Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and Amazon all to yield opportunities for you to enroll more of your casually interested subscribers. You can enroll subscribers from numerous rodeo YouTube channels. You can make your own Facebook page that promotes your free video newsletter. There is enough room in a Facebook page icon for the words, Rodeo Danger to fit superimposed on your portrait. When you comment on another Facebook rodeo page, speaking as your own Facebook page rather than yourself, readers will notice that your comment came from Rodeo Danger.
    Your staff can make comments on dozens of other Facebook pages speaking
    as Rodeo Danger. Similar comments can be made in dozens of LinkedIn rodeo groups. Some curious readers will click your Rodeo Danger icon and enroll in your offer of a free video newsletter.

    You can advertise in Facebook for a free lesson in six rodeo mistakes. Aim your ad strictly at existing fans of dozens of other rodeo Facebook pages. They
    will be clicking from the Facebook ad to your Facebook page where enrollment is possible.

    At physical rodeos your paper flier can be passed out to spectators or to
    riders. The flier will invite the reader to text their name and email address to receive your free video newsletter about the 6 mistakes.

    You can record a conversation in a webinar about bull riding mistakes. It would
    be audio of your voice and still images. The webinar can be advertised in Facebook specifically to existing subscribers of other Facebook rodeo pages. Attendance to the webinar can require that viewers give their email addresses. The webinar can repeat. Your pdf document can be published
    as an amazon ebook and physical book. The book should contain links to your blog pages where the reader sees your videos. The book could also include
    an offer for the viewer see an hour long video (your previously recorded
    webinar). Readers must give their email address to see the video online. The
    video can also be made as a DVD. Amazon book buyers may obtain your (bonus) DVD for by simply sending their receipt to a certain email address, which makes the Amazon reader your subscriber. Systems are available to send your DVD to book buyers at a cost less than the price of a book.

    These Ebay, Amazon, LinkedIn, Facebook and live action rodeo strategies do not rely on your website. You can enroll subscribers without a web site. Receivers of your email messages can consume your videos within their email message box. When your videos are short and your messages
    are convenient, subscribers feel your content is convenient and worth staying
    loyal to. They could visit your web site if they want to. You may supply links
    to articles on your web site. However your subscribers should believe it is
    easy to enjoy what you send them without having to work hard or visit other
    sites unless they choose to.

    You happen to have a large web site. One of our big lessons is that a web site should make most visible your irresistible offer for new visitors. The
    most important thing any merchant should accomplish with a web site is an attractive offer to convert casual viewers into committed subscribers. Your web site offers videos that teach. Any viewer who truly wants what you teach owes you their email address, if you set up your site to collect it.

    Your short videos can be refashioned. Perhaps they will comprise your six mistake videos, or perhaps they will be bonuses. They could have bumpers added, inviting viewers to subscribe. Then they can be entitled
    keyword aspects of bull riding such as (I guess) bull riding lessons, bull
    riding clothes, bull riding songs, bull riding risks, bull riding recipes, etc. These short videos can republished in YouTube and elsewhere so they appear in Google and compel viewers to visit the web site of your choice, which should be
    designed to enroll more subscribers.

    Your wealth will ultimately be in your list of loyal subscribers, not the sale price of your books, merchandise, DVD’s or your coaching. Your subscriber base
    will stay loyal because of your frequent free content. When you factor in your profit from all areas, including coaching, merchandise, and sponsorships, and divide that by your number of subscribers, you can determine the per-subscriber value of your list.

    You can create a monthly YouTube interview show that features experts and
    training videos. The video content you generate can be fashioned into podcasts for exploiting the iTunes search engine and numerous Amazon ebooks on bull riding techniques, history, and problems. The goal of all your iTunes and Amazon items is not to profit from their sale. All of these can be cross linked with your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Ebay content.
    The cross linking makes you look like a major expert. The future casual
    searcher for your type of service will discover hundreds of links to your
    various forms of web content in all major platforms. Every link a stranger discovers should invite them to subscribe to your free email video newsletter.

    There is a strategy to attract Free subscribers to your YouTube channel from
    hundreds of other rodeo oriented YouTube channels.

    There is such a thing as a membership web site where audiences pay to view your videos and articles. That may comprise an income. Even a free membership site can increase your subscribers’ perception of value. Whether there is a fee or not, your wealth depends on your subscribers to your free content.

    You can prove to a corporate sponsor that you have several hundred or thousand loyal viewers. Your Ten minute weekly show can be sponsored by a number of paying corporations such as makers of boots, gloves, or the mechanical practice bull. This income source can help validate you with students if not exceed your coaching sales.

    Students of yours should be recorded in video. What problems did they have? How did they discover you? How is their life after working with you? Video testimonials are crucial.

    The seventh message in your free video newsletter can contain your first pitch
    for your coaching classes. After viewing six free lessons, your subscribers will consider you a generous teacher. When your seventh message pitches and shows testimonials, then your subscribers will be happy to learn what you sell. They will respect your fee. After all, the pitcher is a trusted expert, because of your six free lessons in avoiding mistakes.

    There are conventions for manufacturers of rodeo equipment where you can be a speaker. What conventions do bull riders attend? Is it the same convention for vendors of cowboy boots, saddles and gloves? When
    you discover the right convention, and you offer to present a speech, you can
    be presented as an author. When you address the crowd, offer them a free copy of your ebook plus videos by texting in their name and email address.

    Search Google for “rodeo newsletter.” There will be web sites that already recruit subscribers who are your target audience. Ask those site owners to offer their viewers your free video newsletter. Some such list owners want
    simply to help you spread your newsletter. Some such list owners want you to create value for them. They may expect you to sell a book and pay a
    large percentage to the list owner.

    You can write an ebook that features and interview with each of ten experts who have newsletters. You can allow all your list-owning subjects to give this ebook to their subscribers. You demand, however, that each of their
    subscribers who want this free ebook must get it from your web page, asking for their email address.

    You will be able to interview your subscribers. It may be a survey that takes place upon the day of enrolling, or months later.

    Those who encounter your offer for free rodeo mistake information videos, even if it is focused on bull riding, will include non-bull riders. One day your long list of email subscribers will be subdivided into bull riders, English horseback riders, horse trainers, horse breeders, students, and farmers. You
    will be able to send messages aimed specifically at them. This builds trust. You will do better, for example, if you pitch bull riding coaching to bull riders and not to equestrian trainers or jockeys.

    Ultimately, having a long list of loyal subscribers enables you to market to
    them the products of other vendors, if doing so truly helps your subscribers.

  • alephtav

    Here’s our recommendations:

    – Currently, the only communication with your list is through the newsletter. It would be great to do monthly teleseminars featuring an interesting guest. Guests could include professional riders, trainers, Judges, Clowns, Venue owners, bull breeders, etc.

    – Go to bull riding events and interview people – riders, facilitators, medical staff, even spectators, and post the videos on YouTube.

    – NO YOUTUBE CHANNEL?!? Argh!!

    – Develop a branding sign-off for ALL your videos. “I’m Wiley Petersen. Safe riding.” Or something like that.

    – Clicking on the “4 Steps to Peace with God” link takes the visitor to a different site. This should open up in a new tab. NEVER let your visitor navigate away from your site!

    – You mentioned that this is a ministry. How about creating a 30 day daily devotional for bull riders?

    – Could you do JVs with some of the bull riding equipment companies?

    Thanks, Jim! We always enjoy brainstorming marketing ideas.
    Jeff & Dawn Clark

  • Rob Walling

    Wow! Thanks Jim!

    • Jim Cockrum

      Thanks for the good idea!

  • Mike

    I’m developing a line of Christian t-shirts. What product/service of yours should I purchase to get me started in the right direction with my marketing efforts? Thanks!

  • Paul Smith

    You have great idea about bull riding for youngster. Keep it up !