If I wanted to earn $5million this year here’s what I’d do…

I’ll get to the “$5million” plan in a moment, but first some classic wisdom.

Around this time of year a lot of people get really serious about their future, their physical and spiritual health, their finances, their relationships and their life goals – but I’m not big on resolutions at the start of each new year.

Here are some year ’round rules of thumb that are far more powerful than any “big goal setting session” you might feel prompted to take:

  • slow and steady wins the race
  • commit to a proven strategy and work it faithfully
  • do a little bit (nearly) every day to work toward you goal – (always be establishing new good habits)
  • because massive changes are rarely sustainable, make small steady changes instead
  • listen ONLY to those who have PROOF that they are worth listening to (discernment and wise counsel are SO under-rated!)
  • surround yourself (even virtually) with likeminded people heading toward the same goals you desire

Over the past 10+ years I’ve gotten better and better at taking the above classic (aka “boring”) advice in ALL areas of my life and WOW has it paid off!

The above classic advice has lead to me having unbelievable success in multiple online biz models as well as an incredibly large (and growing) loyal audience that includes great people like YOU! In 2013 we blew past the 1,000 testimonials mark and they are still pouring in weekly.

Now…Let’s talk about my $5million plan!

Because my reading audience has grown so large, I could EASILY cash out, sell out, and get rich…(don’t worry –  I have bigger goals than that).


Let’s just say I wanted to earn $5million in 2014 here are the simple steps I would take:

1. sell my soul (can’t have guilt slowing me down now can we?)
2. Next, I’d promote every “hot” internet program that launches. I’d easily be in the top 5 in total sales made on nearly all of those launches for the first several months until my readers started to catch on and I started losing their trust. That’s OK – I’d flash those big commission checks and gain even more zombies…I mean subscribers to my email list.
3. Next I’d promote stuff I’ve never promoted before – stuff with “hot” themes like : “Simple Facebook ads = instant wealth”, or “Affiliate marketing riches in 5 easy steps” , “The exact Ten products anyone can sell on Amazon or eBay and stuff their bank account”, or  “The top secret program that has cash flooding my paypal account every day” , or “how to get rich convincing people that you know how to get rich online” or “4 steps to automatic daily income online”…

I can see it now…I’ll build sales pages where I’ll flash pictures of my family on vacations in exotic places, show a pic of a nice car (a rental with me in the driver seat will do nicely) and many people will fall for it and BUY IT ALL.


Why do I point this out though? Because I’m sad to report that there is an abundance of “shiny  object” garbage out there that will take you down the rabbit hole if you are to fall for it.  It’s sad to see “experts” pushing garbage on their audience. In the end THEY LOSE  as do their customers. It’s so obvious to me.

The classic (boring) facts are just as true today as they’ve always been:

  • Success requires work.
  • Success requires patience.
  • Success requires creativity, leadership and relationships.
  • Anyone offering short cuts on those principles is taking you down the rabbit hole.
  • As we sign off on another year I commit to keep on bringing you JUST the good stuff.
  • Steve Parma

    I think the hardest part is not working 10-18 hours a day, but not knowing if it will pay off, and it’s compounded by not making enough money to survive for long.

    I’ve taken your advice on finding my audience and contacting the gatekeepers, but every response has fallen through, even when I spent hours and money to complete the project.

    I think the shiny objects work so well because it appeals to the vice of envy and it feels like gambling. Anyone can place a $10 bet to payout $5000 with the odds seemingly being high in their favor.

    • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

      I’m sorry things haven’t taken off for you yet, and while I don’t have much to go on here based on your response, it doesn’t sound to me like you have that “one reliable source of income” put into place yet. Maybe you still have a pay check?

      For many of my students for example, they rely on a steady income stream from eBay or Amazon before launching their own niche topics online. That’s about as easy as it gets while you are “building your dream biz” on the side.

      If you are creating solid, useful content though…and if you are connecting with “influential leaders” in your niche space, it WILL pay off eventually. There are no shortcuts however.

      my advice: Keep on expanding your audience and creating content…while you find solid ways to pay the bills with “low hanging fruit” opportunities.

    • Bob

      Have you read Jim Cockrum’s The Silent Sales Machine. I paid $5.00 for it recently and it was worth every penny. Over 100 pages of packed information you can use to make money online. Start out small and work you way up to bigger and bigger paydays. I know your pain. I have had my share of disappointments online. I have learned what the Apostle Paul called forgetting the things in the past and pressing on to the upward call and it works. Don’t let the chains of past failures keep you from tomorrow’s success. Success can be just around the corner. Hang in there, better days are ahead if you just don’t give up.

  • http://georgenieves.com/ George Nieves

    I was lost in Info Overload for so long. Following Jim Cockrum is what started me on the path to clarity & success!
    Take action on what he teaches, and you’ll start to see progress!

  • Penelope Silvers

    Add in one more, Jim. Success can take “years,” not “days” or “months”! :)

    • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

      There are many biz models that will allow you to see results very quickly if you know where to go to learn! However, I also agree that growing something that will last is always a commitment over the long term – there are no short cuts.

  • Elon Bomani

    I just wanted to personally thank you for PAC! PAC saved my financial butt!!!

    I went from a complete Newbie Mom( on her way to financial ruins) w/ homeschooled kids doing Azon to selling $278,407.04 in my very first year.

    • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

      What a great story! The proven amazon course has been quite a success for a lot of people. Thanks for sharing!

  • Paul Hickman


    A great post and a good example that by maintains strong principles of honesty, integrity and discipline you will build your business. Thanks for the great post.

    Paul Hickman

  • http://www.montinaportis.com/ Montina Portis

    Here’s another classic fact – Success leaves clues. There are so many that follow the “shiny objects” because they really are searching for something more. I have learned to set goals and create action plans. More is something that many seek yet setting goals and taking action is how we get what we truly desire. Jim you’re awesome and I’m following your trail. Thank you for this post!

    • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

      Thanks Montina – I have no doubt this will be an incredible year for you! Looking forward to seeing you at out Mastermind event in Indy in a couple weeks! :)