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He’s on a mission to help entrepreneurs THRIVE – and it’s working! Why Listen to what Jim has to say about business success? Over 250,000 already do listen, and the testimonials are pouring in.

Jim is ranked among the most trusted Internet Marketers in the world (among hundreds of ‘experts’ his name keeps showing up on top) according to the 40,000 voting members of one independent watch dog service he was voted number one “most trusted”.

He actively sells on Amazon & eBay (since 1997) and he has a large network of his former students turned partners & coaches who all run successful businesses online themselves, while helping others do the same. He’s sold or helped his clients sell tens of millions of dollars of products and services online since 2000. His training helps everyone from stay home entrepreneurs seeking to start successful online businesses, to large corporate clients seeking to use the Internet as a creative marketing tool. He’s earned his full-time living from the Internet since 2002, and he works full-time studying effective Internet strategies while sharing with anyone who will listen about his proven, creative approach to success online and in life!

Jim Cockrum on stage at an Internet Marketing event in San Diego

On stage at an Internet Marketing event. I love speaking to creative entrepreneurs.

His free newsletter “CES News” has added well over 250,000 subscribers since it first launched in 2002.

He has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Men’s Health magazine, eBay radio, and in countless news and radio programs as an Internet and online business expert.

He’s probably best known for his all time best selling book titled”The Silent Sales Machine” now in its seventh update and re-release, as well as his two membership sites at OfflineBiz.com and MySilentTeam.com. September 2011 marked the release of his first “book store shelf” book Free Marketing: 101 Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business, Online and Off. The book quickly vaulted to the #1 position on Amazon.com among “Marketing” and “Internet Marketing” titles among raving 5 star reviews. For several weeks after launch it was among the top selling books in the world.

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Our first live conference – sold out in a day with 300+ entrepreneurs from around the world coming to join our family in Orland. Our next two annual events got bigger (500+ and then 600+) and also sold out in a day. Visit JimCockrumEvents.com for details on what’s coming next!

Over 10,000 Internet entrepreneurs consider Jim’s two membership sites at MySilentTeam.com and OfflineBiz.com to be their premier source of advice, training and community online.

Personal Bio:

I can stop talking in third person about myself now right? I have to do the professional bio that way because it shows up in articles about me etc. Hope you understand.

As parents of five my wife Andrea and I stay very busy with family activities. When I have free time I love to run or play basketball to stay in shape (I’m training to run the Boston Marathon). Andrea and I try to get a date night in at least every couple weeks though – I love those best of all!

Speaking to a gathering of online entrepreneurs in Vegas as the Keynote for an eBay Radio Conference

My personal walk with Christ is foremost in all my day to day affairs. It is a life journey that directs my every decision.

About as dressed up as I getThree of our kiddos are from international adoptions. We are also active in assisting other families through the decision making process of international adoption. We’ve become close friends with many families that have chosen to expand their own families through adoption. Here’s a short documentary video that was made by a teenage friend of ours about Tye when he was 10. He’s our special needs son from China:

We are also homeschooling parents who hold a high regard for non-traditional approaches to education.

We aren’t afraid to travel as a family and do so more often than anyone else we know with this many kids! You might find us in some crazy location raising our kids some day. When you combine the flexibility of homeschooling and having an Internet based business you can do just about whatever you want whenever you want. We enjoy the flexibility of the Internet Lifestyle.

Our Family Mission:

As a family we have committed our lives to helping others find their true calling and passion that we believe is placed in each person by God. We want to model “other oriented” thinking in every area of our lives.

My Business Mission:

I am committed to staying sharp, up to date, and creative in my pursuit of business and marketing excellence. I try to model transparency, integrity, creativity, genuine relationships, and leadership to the best of my ability. I direct my business and personal clients towards the most effective online and traditional business and marketing strategies in order to help them achieve the greatest success possible.


Jim Cockrum with his family 2012 Winter photo

Winter 2012 Cockrum family photo

Presenting to the Martinsville, IN Chamber of Commerce

Cockrum family photo Summer 2015

Aug 2015 family vacation

  • michael brooks

    I still have a link on my “about me page “from the first book I bought. Do I remove this current link and replace it with a different one or what?

    • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

      Are you active on eBay? If not, it doesn’t matter what you do with the link. If you ARE active on eBay, is that link getting you any results? If not, change it, if so, leave it!

  • Miguel Guizar

    Jim could you give me the name of the book that Andrew Cavanagh wrote. Thank you 

    • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

      You can download a free copy of his “Offline Gold” book at OfflineBiz.com (sign up for the free report in the upper left hand corner of that site), or visit OfflineGold.com. That’s probably the book you are referring to.

  • Julie Ireland

    Thank you for standing up for what you personally believe in Jim.  Its a pleasure to see that in the business world

  • http://www.facebook.com/matt.morgan101 Matt Morgan

    Hello Jim,

    It is nice how you have outlined your missions as a marketer to help others in your business mission and family mission. It is a great feeling to help and assist others, and see them progress because of yourself.

    I believe in providing top notch value in my help to marketers so that they can progress to the next level.

    Matt Morgan

  • Jennie Byhlin

    Hi Jim,
    I am truly interested in buying your course “proven amazon course” but I live in Israel and I have a feeling that this course is manly for american’s or other countries where they have a local Amazon page since the shipping cost for me would be sky high. Do you have any comments regarding that? Is there a way for me to succeed with your program? Honestly?

    Thank you in advance!

    • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

      There are no FBA hubs in Israel (yet), but there are many ways to sell on Amazon from countries that lack a “hub”. Did you hear the interview with Barrington? He sells products from Jamaica (around $200K in sales in 2012). Success is a matter of locating profitable products and having them sent to Amazon…you location physically has little to do with it.

  • Ed

    Hi Jim,

    I too am like Jennie; I live, as I mentioned in another blog post on an Island in the Bahamas (Nassau) but I did hear Barrington’s exuberance as he explained his “SUCCESSES”…

    However, my question is…does he sell Jamaican products or does he find products on line and then have them shipped to the FBA for distribution and what in heavens name his he “Selling”…is it digital or a Physical?

    Thanks again!

    • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

      Barrington is selling physical products that he’s sourcing locally. I can’t reveal the actual product though b/c I’m not wanting to punish him for sharing his success with us by creating competition for him!

  • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

    I love to help get you home more! That’s my core missions…bringing dads (and moms too!) home. Read my blog articles in the “growing an audience” to get some ideas when you are done with the book…between those two resources you’ll have a nice list of effective strategies to pursue.

  • Max

    I’m not sure if this is the correct place to ask you a question
    but I read your post about hiring a foreign worker for $3/hour for eBay
    listing. I thought it was a fantastic idea and I posted my job to Odesk like
    you recommended. I have narrowed down my list to a few qualified individuals
    and had a question about security. Do I give the foreign worker my eBay
    username and password, and if so wouldn’t they be able to mess with my account?
    Or do I just have them create the listings and export the file to me so I can
    upload them myself?

    Thanks, and keep up the helpful posts!

    • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

      If you are dealing with someone who has a good reputation on odesk they have absolutely NO incentive to mess with your account. They can’t access anything important. I do give away my ID/PW to trusted workers with good reputations without hesitation. It costs them way more than it costs you if they mess up and you leave a bad review.

      Go for it!

  • Christopher Hansen

    Hi. How may I contact you with a brief private message? Email, Skype or any other method is fine from my end. Of course my email is included with this post so you can send me your preference to that. Thanks.

    • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

      my personal email address is no secret (although I can’t respond to all messages, I do see them. I do my best!) jimcockrum(at)gmail.com

  • Shane Walker

    Hi Jim, can FBA be done from the UK, I am considering purchasing the PAC but need to know I can run it ok from the UK, many thanks

    • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

      Yes you can run this business from anywhere. If you want to sell inventory in the United States for example, you can purchase inventory inside the US and have it shipped directly to Amazon. Amazon can label your inventory for you then they sell it, and ship it, and handle any customer refund issues. Your geographic location does not matter.

  • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

    Inside the support area of the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course we have people from all over the world buying and selling physical products on Amazon. The way it works is you buy product that is located inside the U.S. and have it shipped either directly to Amazon, or have it shipped to one of the partners that we tell you about in the course. The inventory never leaves the U.S. and Amazon handles the customer support. Your physical location DOES NOTE MATTER!

  • Tammy

    Hello Jim,
    I’ve been looking into Amazon FBA as a way to complement my affiliate income (I totally agree with your Internet Opportunity Map, BTW.) After some research, I believe your training is the best and the one I want to go with. However, I have a ‘very FBA newbie’ question… starting totally from scratch, how much of an investment is needed to start this business until I get on the black? (not counting your course but investment for products and tools needed to run the business.) Thank YOU in advance for your reply!

    • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

      we’ve had students start out with $400 TOTAL and bought our course (leaving them LESS than $400 to invest) and they are now on stage at our events teaching their strategies b/c they’ve built 5 figure weekly incomes from the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course. With some hard work and commitment to the process, this is a straight forward biz model. The only limiting factors to the speed of your growth are your commitment, time, and investment dollars for inventory. A few days from now you could be seeing sales being made.

      • Tammy

        Thank you so very much for your reply, Jim. I’m waiting for a check in the next few days and I’ll be enrolling in your course by the weekend. I’m SO VERY excited about this!

        • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

          you’ll love our community – pretty incredible people.

          • Tammy

            It’s Friday evening. I just enrolled in PAC, Jim :)
            So excited and overwhelm with the amount of information, wow!

          • http://www.JimCockrum.com/ Jim Cockrum

            Welcome aboard! :-)