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Getting suspended on Amazon -it’s not the end of the world!

With tens of thousands of Amazon selling professionals in our readership base, we are positioned well to keep tabs on bigger trends effecting sellers. Right now, there seems to be a slightly higher than usual number of suspensions happening. It’s scary to get a notice from Amazon saying that they’ve suspended your selling privileges.

While the odds of a permanent suspension are very slim IF it’s handled correctly, it is still a scary process to go through.

If it happens to you or someone you know, we are here to help as much as possible. Please know that the majority of suspension can be overturned if handled properly.

Here’s what we are doing about the suspension trend in our community:

  • We are partnering up with top experts in the arena of “suspension reversal.” The good news is, the vast majority of suspensions ARE overturned and we have resources on hand ready to assist. Contact us if you are suspended on Amazon, and we’ll refer you to an expert who can advise you. Don’t try to handle it alone. Don’t panic and reply desperately to Amazon (that can make things harder to fix).
  • A special report about preventing suspension and managing suspension is being developed right now by a trusted partner of mine. We’ll add this report to the course when it’s ready.
  • You can take some simple steps to help prevent suspensions. For example, be prepared to provide legitimate proof of purchase invoices and receipts for all your inventory. Monitor your reports closely for negative trends (bad products that generate consistent complaints, etc.).
  • We continue to teach multiple income stream strategies! For example, there are millions of products, experts, small businesses, charities etc. that aren’t on Amazon yet! Learn how easy it is to get them onto Amazon with their own account, and get paid a “cut” using our brand new course at

The best selling (and continually updated) book “Silent Sales Machine” has been about online income diversification from day one. Our entire community is built upon the premise that multiple income streams online are better than one because reliance on any single "big boy" website like Amazon is risky. Get the book on Amazon, or at

Finally, if you or someone you know is suspended on Amazon please send proof of that suspension to us and we’ll get the suspended seller free access to our latest course from as our way of showing support and helping them be aware of the need for income diversity with Amazon. We’ll also direct them to an expert who can advise them and assist with reinstatement.

Can Amazon shut down your selling account on a whim?

One of the unfortunate risks associated with depending on any of the “big boy” websites like google, youtube, eBay, paypal, and yes our much beloved Amazon is the fact that they hold all the cards.

Seemingly on a whim they’ve been known to press the delete button and flush away a sellers account in a moment. Usually a severe rule infraction has occurred, but not always. Usually justice is done in the end (accounts restored), but not always. In spite of the seeming injustice of it all, we are forced to conclude that it’s just part of the game right?

Not necessarily.

Sure, playing by the rules doesn’t hurt, but the rules are always shifting about and Amazon (and all the other big boys) are fickle partners at best. It’s a cat and mouse game that many old school eBay sellers from the early 2000’s can easily related to. I know of exactly zero big time eBay sellers from the early 2000’s who slept soundly each night with the secure thought in mind “eBay has my back – it’s all good.”

Our solutions to these issues:

1. The best solution to such risks is to establish multiple streams of income. That’s why our community is built on the “C.E.S.” model (each letter in CES is a different biz model I’ve built, and my team and I teach those models to others.) The three models work great together and compliment each other while operating independent of each other. My $5 “Silent Sales Machine” book has details (sold on Amazon)

2. We have content coming out soon that will show you how to have multiple Amazon selling accounts and ELIMINATE the risk of being “shut down.” I can’t say more about it just yet, but it’s 100% legit. A note about this never before revealed training: No Amazon trickery or policy violations are occurring with this strategy. You’ll have a “why didn’t I think of that” reaction initially, and then the success story of our case study students will blow your mind.

While you may not get the feeling that Amazon, eBay, Google or Youtube have “got your back”, our community, my team, and I sure do. We aren’t a herd to be toyed with – we are tight nit community of creative entrepreneurs who simply roll on when circumstances shift.

Stay tuned for the release of these great training courses and much more  of what we have in store for our community – we are here for YOU.

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UPDATE ONE DAY LATER: In a crazy twist of irony, the same day I published this article my own youtube account was suspended! Get the detail – click here to see how we are managing the youtube suspension.

A multiple income stream answer to, “What do you do for a living?”

“So, what do you do for a living?”

How do you answer that question?

As an online “Multiple income stream” entrepreneur, here’s how I answer that question (in general):

I know how to make things happen online. I can generate leads, grow an audience for an idea or a product, or even liquidate inventory for top dollar. I also teach other people how to do those things for their businesses.

Answering in such a way has opened up new opportunities for me consistently in each of my three primary online businesses for years.

Or, if I want to keep it simple I’ll simply say, I’m “an internet business author”. Sometimes it’s best to keep it short and send new contacts one of my books if they are interested in more info.

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 1.04.09 PM

An approximate breakdown of my personal multiple income sources

I have been teaching these three biz models since 2000, and I’ve been running these models myself longer than that. To my knowledge I’m the only one who has a business that teaches these three models and also runs businesses that does all three of them actively. The “CES” approach as we call it, is the secret behind the success of so many of our students, partners and my own biz.

A word of caution: Don’t attempt to launch multiple businesses at the same time.  Build up one at a time with hard work and commitment, but once you have a working system don’t get “stuck” in a repetitive mode that relies on your daily efforts to keep the system running. Instead, use some of your profits to delegate, hire, outsource and automate the systems you build.  We live in an unprecedented age where finding good help and building smooth running systems has never been easier.

I suggest you start where most of our students start- with the “S” model (explained below).

Some of my eBay/Amazon sourcing/selling crew.  The crew includes my mom and my two oldest boys.

Some of my eBay/Amazon sourcing/selling crew. The crew includes my mom and my two oldest boys.

Here are the three models:
: Consult (teach others what works online). You know more than you think! (We teach you how to ramp this at, or in our free Facebook forum here: )
E: Expand (grow your audience – build a tribe). This leads to affiliate marketing, your own books,  products, courses, followers etc. and done right a steady stream of new clients (see “C” above)
S: MOST START HERE!  Sell stuff (eBay, Amazon, your own website etc.) This is a great place to start. It’s a biz model that seems like too much work to many people, but it is the starting point for numerous success stories including my own. It scares off the lazy and leaves plenty of room for those of us willing to do a bit of work building a highly profitable online business.  We’ve helped thousands of people build businesses with this model.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.52.44 AM

An actual note I got in the mail a couple of weeks ago. This is a local business guy who was sending me an invoice, but it looks like he could be my next “OfflineBiz” consulting client.

A note about the “S” model.  Right now Amazon is a HUGE opportunity. We have hundreds of students doing incredible well, but I tell them all the time – it’s risky to plan on staying right here long term. There should be more in your 5 year plan than just Amazon.  Just ask the thousands of eBay sellers who have now been forced to move on to something else after building what they thought was an empire. With that word of caution though, our course has helped launch countless successful Amazon entrepreneurs. Recently we also introduced as well for those wanting to launch their own brand online.

So where do you start if you want the sort of job description I have, or if you are interested in any one of the three biz models above?  I wrote a book about it over 10 years ago – and I’ve updated that book 8 times since. It’s my book titled “Silent Sales Machine” – you can grab it on Amazon here for $5. We’ve now built an incredible community and leadership team around the concepts in this book. Join our free community on Facebook to see for yourself:

Here’s a recent screen shot of my email inbox (unedited except to protect privacy). You’ll see income for the “E” and “S” biz segments shown here. The “C” income comes in larger checks from clients.Multiple Income Streams

Originally written in 2013, updated for Dec 2014.

Want to sell millions? Start breaking “the rules”

Here’s the exact “no rules followed” plan I’ve used to sell millions online:

  • Have a story to tell, and write a book about it – but sell it super cheap (practically give it away).
  • REWRITE and update the entire thing every 18 months or so to keep it current.
  • Each time you rewrite it, send it out FREE to all of your past buyers.
  • Grow your email list and truly SERVE subscribers with great content while undercharging for everything you sell.
  • Leave EVERY customer far better off than you found them – even when they don’t deserve it and they ask for a refund.
That simple business plan is the entire foundation of everything I’ve accomplished online in the past 12+ years.  We’ll easily go over $2 million in total sales volume this year, and the entire foundation is right in front of you in a few bullet points.  Can you use this plan? Maybe, and maybe not. It’s my “no rules” plan. You might have to use your own plan.

When I first wrote my book “Silent Sales Machine” several years ago, I never could have imagined that I’d be updating it eight times over the coming 12+ years.  I could have asked 50 different marketing experts if that was a good biz plan, and they all would have told me probably not.  I’m so glad I didn’t consult the “experts” and go with the established “rules” of how to build and market a business.
Some lessons I’ve learned along the way:
  • Email marketing still works VERY well when done right
  • Giving away great content for next to nothing and then taking care of the audience REALLY pays off
  • Small successes can be leveraged into great successes if you share the story
  • Your best story is NOT about you. Make sure your customers become the hero of your story. It’s NOT about YOU.
  • Growing a loyal community is more valuable, rewarding and sustainable than is launching products
  • Slow and steady not only wins the race, it kicks haste in the butt in a big way
  • Big ego = pride = a fall pending very soon.  Run away from those leaders who are ego centric – they are close to falling

Now go break some rules!

You are not meant to be alone…



CES II DALLAS - #ces2dallas

See dozens more pics of CES Dallas by joining the “” Facebook group (see link in blog post for details)

Wow – I’m still recovering from the week long adventure that was CES Dallas.  The core of the event was three intense days of incredible content, but for my family and I it was a 7 day adventure.

We spent time with some of the most successful, giving, friendly, powerful leaders, students, authors and experts in the world of Internet business.

This video explains it all, or read the quick summary below.

By any standard imaginable, the live event in Dallas last weekend was a raging success. You can see the hundreds of pictures, comments and discussions on Facebook and twitter by searching for the event hashtag “#ces2dallas”.

Here’s a link to the facbook group where 95% of all attendees hang out – if you aren’t a free member there yet, please join us (once you are in, search for the event hashtag #ces2dallas):  Click To Join th Facebook Group

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 10.42.08 AM

I’m not alone! My crew and I travel as a pack and I’m so blessed to have them with me on trips like this! Andrea presented as well at the event in a break out session discussing family issues associated with being an “at home” entrepreneurial family/spouse.

I won’t even try to communicate in an email the mind blowing impact that the “CES Dallas” event had and will continue to have on every attendee, and probably the entire Internet biz community. I can’t help but feel we are raising the standard of what an Internet biz conference should look like.

In his opening comments, our keynote speaker Rabbi Daniel Lapin had us on the edge of our seats for two hours…and one of the biggest take aways for most people was the fact that in life as in business and in all other arenas, we are NOT meant to be alone. Solitude is poison, and as Internet entrepreneurs we have to resist the urge to “hide” and try to “go it alone”.

There’s something powerful about face-to-face meetings like CES. Because the core of our audience is made up of such passionate, caring, giving people, the atmosphere was alive and quite emotional at times in Dallas. It’s hard to explain, but from the pics and comments posted online you’ll get a feel for the impact of this event. Use the link above, and check it out if you haven’t yet.

So far 100% of the anonymous surveys we’ve gotten back from attendees have said they plan to come back next time!

If you have a couple minutes, check out that video above – in it I show you:

1. A brief wrap up of the event
2. How to stay a part of it all for free on Facebook, or take a more serious step and join my team and I in the launch of…

…and finally, allow me a quick shout out to our incredible sponsors who helped make the event possible and added so much value to the event:

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